Samsung beats Nokia, finally on overall numbers as well!


IHS iSuppli reports are out and according to them, Samsung shipped more mobile phones than Nokia in 2012.

This is the first time in 14 years that Nokia has been anything but first. Even currently they are second and by a huge margin at that. According to iSuppli in 2012, Samsung holds 29% whereas Nokia is at 24% with Apple coming third with 10%. Fourth and Fifth spots are held by ZTE (6%) and LG (4%) respectively.

top 5 handset OEMs

Now, this ranking is based on mobile phones and not just smartphones. Yet, the impact of smartphones is clearly visible. Apple, which just sells iPhone holds such predominance that it is second in overall shipments when it doesn’t sell much in a country like India. Samsung obviously have had a turn of luck since the advent of Android. They made the right decision and with some amazing products like Galaxy series and Note series they are holding the fort against Apple and beating rest of the competition.

The important thing to note here is not that Samsung has crossed Nokia. The important thing is that it is not shocking. If anything, people might ask how did it take so long. This denotes the change in mindset of people.

Once I remember, a person could go without a Nokia charger anywhere as there was bound to be someone with the same charger. Now, the same status has been achieved by microUSB. On the contrary, it is increasingly becoming difficult to find a Nokia’s charger lying around. Numbers reflect a downfall that is in people’s mind for a long time now.

Another important stat that I found was that Global Handset shipments was up just 1%. That is measly and shows that most probably we have reached a plateau. Smartphone shipments on the other hand have increased almost 35%.

Smartphone OEMs

People are replacing their feature phones with smartphones and they are doing it fast. Android, with its variety and availability from less than $100 to $500 is taking the baton in this shift. It also denotes that there is a lot of market that can be tapped albeit in the smartphone section only.

For all practical purposes, mobile phone market on the whole is stagnant for now. Smartphones are growing at the expense of Feature phones.

  1. Sunny says

    With new windows phones coming up, lets see how will be 2013 for Nokia. :)

  2. Kunal Prakash says

    Trust is of no use if it cannot be capitalized upon. Blackberry was the backbone of Businesses and now it is striving to just get through. Besides, Nokia makes great hardware but now the mobile space has moved to experience and unless WP8 succeeds in giving people that experience people will not go back to Nokia.
    Customers are a fickle race, my friend. Even the most loyal ones.

  3. xyz says

    but the trust which nokia has given can’t be beated
    nd if u visit a nokia center nd samsung service center ,one can c more no of people at samsung service center,personally i hv both samsung d nokia,nd nokia nvr gives trouble,whereas most of d day samsung one is at service center.

  4. tejas shah says

    Pls subscribe and for any updates

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