Native Google Maps App launched for iOS, gets turn-by-turn Navigation


Apple dumped in-built Google Maps support few months back, and forced users on to under-cooked Apple Maps. Even the most die-hard fans of Apple criticized this move by Apple. However, all Apple users can cheer now!

Google has launched a new version of its app Google Maps for Apple’s iPhone. The latest version will be compatible with iPhones running on iOS 5.1 and higher. Apple users who have upgraded to iOS 6 will also be able to download and use the search giant’s navigation app.

Google iOS Maps

The launch comes only months after the debut of Apple’s newest mobile operating system iOS 6. Despite boasting of significant improvements and new features, iOS 6 was let down by Apple’s Maps app which was reportedly rife with incorrect directions and graphic errors.

Google Maps, which was once a default app in the earlier versions of iOS, was no longer supported as its license had expired. Users of Apple devices who had upgraded to iOS 6 complained about the unavailability of Google’s popular navigational app. They were forced to access the search giant’s mapping services from their Safari browsers.

The new version of Google Maps for iPhone and iPod Touch will feature voice guided turn-by-turn directions, live traffic conditions, information on public transit stops and access to Google’s massive listing of over 80 million or 8 crore businesses and points of interest.

Users of Apple devices will also be able to tap into Google’s street level photography from the app itself, for the first time. In addition, the app will also allow users to take a peek into businesses with Google’s Business Photos.

Google claims that the new version also has sharper graphics which allow for seamless rotation and tilting of 2D and 3D maps. Despite the previous versions for iOS, the search giant is said to have built the new Google Maps app from the ‘ground up’. Users will be able to give feedback directly to Google by simply shaking their iPhones or iPods.

Google Map’s latest version is yet to be made available for iPad however it is rumored that it may be in the offing. Despite the Maps fiasco and rising popularity of cheaper android devices, Apple remained market leader in worldwide tablet shipments.

Researchers are of the opinion that the company will continue to dominate the tablet segment over the next 4 years. The resurrection of Google’s popular mapping app is likely to pacify disappointed Apple fans.

iPhone and iPod users can download the latest version of Google Maps here.

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