iPad Mini priced Rs. 21,900 available at stores near you!


Its rare to see a Apple device being launched early in India. And it is even rarer, when the price of Apple device is within reach of masses. When I saw this advertisement in today’s newspaper, I was a bit surprised. The first thought that came to mind when I saw the following advertisement in the paper was –

In the face of competition, Apple has had to come down from its high-chair and be among the ordinary!


iPad Mini is a giant shift from what we recognize Apple products with. They are (were?) innovative, elite, pricey and classy. On the other hand iPad Mini is more closer to its ordinary peers, especially when it comes to the price factor. It may not exactly be cheap, but it sure is within reach of many, who could not even think of owning an iPad previously.

Coming back to iPad Mini launch – Apple launched it yesterday at a price point of Rs. 21900. And, from the ad you can see that it will now be available in some of the major stores in India, which unlike previously will be well within your reach.

From pricing point of view, I think iPad mini is probably the first product that is somewhat value-for-money. Generally, you don’t associate that tag with Apple products, ain’t it?

I had expected iPad mini to be closer to Rs. 25k mark, but price of Rs. 21.9k beat my expectations.

So, if you have been waiting to be a awesome Apple product owner, iPad Mini is your best bet!

  1. Sunny says

    Yes, we call it every-inch-an-ipad or anything else, it is still a pricy gadget and very low in features.


  2. Mandar Deodhar says

    I don't agree with your view completely. iPad Mini is still pricy. It would have been called cheap at 200 USD or 250 USD and would have given real run for android tablets. If you use nexus 7 and iPad mini, the apple product definitely stand out clear so quality is still maintained. About innovation – Yes, apple has indeed entered mini tablet market after other partners and may not become leader immediately.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Please dont compare it with US prices. Google Nexus, if launched in India will come to you at no less than 17000k. And given the way Apple prices its product, I'd say it is much cheaper.. Yes, it is all relative though. Apple still makes over 60% profitability on each iPad Mini. But they used to have over 100% for iPhones and iPads…

    2. Mandar Deodhar says

      I am not comparing indian prices. I am comparing USD only. Google Nexus 7 starts with USD200.

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