Humble Bundle – A completely different model of earning revenue


For all of you who do not know what Humble Bundle is, it is basically a platform or a suite of games that are sold at a price decided by the buyer.


I was… when I first read about Humble Bundle I was curious just to see what others are paying. Of course, I paid just a little over the amount needed to get all the games but that is what they are asking for. Contribute what you feel like.

Humble Bundle

The model

Basically, there are a particular number of games, usually 4-5 that are sold at the price that can be chosen by the buyer. It cannot be zero, but getting 5 good games at $1 is a steal in any case. These games are DRM free and except for a few exceptions can be played on all three major OSes – Windows, Linux and Mac.

A few newer Humble Bundles have added Android to their list as well.

One can see the contribution by other people and also the fund collected till now. Also shown is the average amount that is being spent on each bundle. There are 1-2 games that are awesome and are kept at bay and can be bought along with the rest if the amount paid is more than average. This is a sweet deal and also urges people to spend more.

Along with the games, music and soundtracks of the games are also available.

These games are DRM-free and once bought are there for our taking. It is not necessary to download them immediately as well, just download them when you have enough bandwidth. As long as they exist, Humble Bundle will save it online for us.

The Games

This all sounds sweet and all but the bottom-line is- What’s the product?

These games are not CounterStrike or Gears of Wars, Halo or Call of Duty. These are more of the enjoyable indie games that are there for our pleasure and passing of time. The Mobile space is filled with such games and the games in Humble Bundle are awesome in the regard that many of these games are award-winning games and are quite engaging.

Be it Machinirama, World of Goo, Osmosis or any other game, these games are worth a lot more that what they are being sold at but this way Humble Bundle is fighting off piracy and giving people who cannot afford to buy them all individually a chance to get them all under a single price tag.

Here is an example of a bundle…Check it out

My opinion

Internet is a strange place. Not because all the cat videos it has but because of the sources of revenue it can generate. Computers have created a commodity that can be created once and sold a hundred or a thousand times without any extra cost incurred or hard work put in. Of course, there might be updates but that particular software won’t require any thing once it is launched.

Also, because of piracy any of these softwares can be used without paying anything. Thus, it is a huge gamble to ask from people what they want to pay in a scenario where they can get it for free (albeit a cracked one)

This model is working though. Infact there are other similar platforms that are present in the internet.

In my opinion Humble Bundle has proven that people using the internet are not just bad people or trolls. Many people care!

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