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Last updated: January 10, 2017 at 17:09 pm

TRAI publishes Minimum Quality Guidelines for Wireless Data Services

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has laid down stringent quality guidelines for Wireless Data Services that Telecom Operators will have to abide by.

This is going to come as much relief to Mobile and Internet users in India who have been frustrated with low quality of wireless data services provided by Operators. TRAI, yesterday released “The Standards of Quality of Service for Wireless Data Services Regulations, 2012” in which they came up with 8 new regulations, to streamline and improve quality of services provided by Operators.

quality of Service-001

The biggest and most important aspect which the TRAI regulations talk about is the data transmission speeds. Operators will now have to make sure that they offer minimum 75% of promised download speeds.

So if you have subscribed for a 7.2 mbps data connection, they will have to make sure that the minimum speed users gets should not be less than 5.4 mbps at an average over a month. This remains true for upload data transmission as well. Latency of data should not be more than 250ms as well.

Operators need to also make sure that data service availability does not fall down below 95 percent.

Wireless Data Services Regulations laid by TRAI

S No. Name of Parameter Benchmarks Averaged over a period
3.1 Service Activation /Provisioning Within 4 hrs with 95% success rate. One Month
3.2 Successful data transmission download attempts >80% One Month
3.3 Successful data transmission upload attempts >75% One Month
3.4 Minimum download speed To be measured for each plan by the service provider and reported to TRAI One Month
3.5 Average Throughput for Packet data >75% of the subscribed speed. One Month
3.6 Latency Data <250ms One Month
3.7 PDP Context Activation Success Rate ?95% One Month
3.8 Drop rate ?5% One Month

How should Operators ensure quality of Wireless Data Service?

To make sure that operators abide by above regulations, every Telecom Operator or Unified Access Services provider has to have a test set up comprising of servers and test probes to cover the entire geographical
area of coverage of different data services in the licensed service area. This will ensure that quality of service benchmarks are met in every geographical location where the service provider operates.

The operators also now have to make sure that they publish all the data services offered along with their tariff, clearly indicating the geographical locations where they are offering their services.

TRAI, in last 18 to 24 months, have been regularly coming up with regulations to make sure that consumer interests are taken care of.

The above regulations will come into effect from January, 1st 2013. It sure looks like this new year is going to make mobile netizens happy!

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