Frequent Software Updates- A hassle or a necessary evil?


When Chrome launched it brought many things that were remarkably absent in browsers back then.

A clean interface, quick startup and of course quick iterations that evolved it very quickly. It was a new approach to software in this regard. Softwares have a tendency of slow upgrades owing to the work involved in doing them. Again, I am talking about the regular updates and not vulnerability fixes. Chrome changed all that. Suddenly, even the old and trusty Firefox seemed slow with its boot-up times and its slow upgrade mechanism.

Chrome Update

Internet explorer which was considered a bad browser earlier suddenly became everything that was wrong with the world.

Firefox updated its strategy and came on a faster upgrade cycle. Software that went from version 3 to 4 in years took less than 1 year to cross Version 10. Of course, chrome stopped at nothing and was still the sprinter.

One problem though crept in. It’s Ok for individuals to update their computers. They can do it quick, they can do it clean. Businesses though are wary of the new, as they should be. This quick teenage like speedy updates were too flashy for them. And thus comes my question-

Are these quick upgrades necessary?

Maybe they are good for individuals, but with a longer cycle businesses will not be overwhelmed. A few other tech writers have shown similar concern that business might completely avoid such softwares that need such quick intervention, especially if the upgrades are centrally handled.

Since the dawn of new Internet Explorer, it is also not considered the devil’s evil plan anymore. Businesses are not flocking to it but then it was never necessary as it comes pre installed.

In Ubuntu, there are two kinds of OS upgrades. One is LTS that are specifically made for businesses. They do not receive grand UI overhaul every six months but only necessary bug fixes. The other six monthly one is for the regular user and see the new and shiny in the OS. I feel that something like that is necessary for any software that has business user as its target audience.

The other argument can be that Businesses should also grow up and go neck to neck with the fast pace of the tech world. Also, with BYOD (Bring your own device) in place, computers are becoming in a way an individual preference and needs less interference from the organization itself as far as the software is concerned.

Browsers have become one of the most important pieces of software that is being used right now for business and general people alike. It is important to take them into consideration. Till now, Google and Mozilla expect them to change their old grandpa ways!

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