Crowd Funding of Road: Sponsor and get it named after you


Oh… How I love to hear such stories… Construction of a Road in remote part of North-East India is being built without any aid from Government, that too using crowd funding model along with great participation from local community.

It is an inspiring story, where a single individual initiated this project and is now on its way to become a major success. This project – The Road to the Future – was initiated by Armstrong Pame, and IAS officer from Manipur, who himself had to face hardships in gaining his education due to lack of road infrastructure. He went on to become the first IAS officer from the Zeme-naga tribe.


[Source: kanglaonline]

The Road will link Manipur with Nagaland and Assam. The road will reach Haflong in Assam, connecting via Tamenglong – Barak River – Azuram – Makhu River – Tousem – Phoklong – Katang Nam -Chari River – Hereilua – Laisong – Mohur.

Crowd Funding for “The Road to the Future”

Out of 100 Kms, 70 km of the road has already been completed and 30 kms remains. Given the high costs involved in making of this road, they are now appealing citizens to help them with construction of this remainder of the road.

According to the site they have setup for this, anyone can sponsor half a kilometer of road at a cost of Rs. 31000 and that stretch of the road will be named after you. You can also sponsor 10 meters of the road, which costs only Rs. 620/-.

Road to the Future

I think this is a great crowd funding initiative and one which you should definitely be part of… Go ahead, sponsor it. It is not only for your name to be etched on the stone but the help it will provide to thousands of very needy people.

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