Motorola moving out! Is this a sign?


Motorola has officially moved out of India. Now, we will see no future handsets or tablets being sold in India by the company. A company whose MotoRazr was to be seen everywhere now will be a company whose mobiles we will see only in other countries.

Motorola Mobility

I know currently, very few people will understand my lament. After all, who uses Motorola?

Samsung is the company to behold and of course if you have a different taste then HTC and Sony are there to provide the variety. Of course, we have our own Indian flavours in Micromax, Lava and others. Who needs Motorola anyway?

True, and maybe the reason why they are leaving. I have two forks in my mind regarding this.

One, Motorola is not Motorola anymore. It is a subsidiary of Google. This is something that should not be forgotten. Yes, they are still in transition phase but Google will bring its fast pace to the company and I have faith that in the long run, it will be the company producing the Android phones with fastest update and best stock experience. Yes, there are Nexus but Motorola will produce in-house semi-Nexus kind phones.

Even Motorola’s exit is Google’s strategy of consolidating the business and it is disheartening to see that Google cannot consider India (one of the fastest growing Android market) Motorola’s breeding ground. We are already seeing that Nexus are not coming as fast as they should.

Galaxy Nexus did not even come to India and LG’s Nexus 4 or for that matter Nexus 7 or 10 are also not here even though, with its price, Nexus 7 (with 3G) could have captured the Indian market. Even the right to sell the apps on Google Play only reached to Indian developers just now.

These are all indications that despite every kind of growth India is showing, Google is not showing enough warmth and faith.

Of course, this might be all in my mind and the reason might be just that Motorola cannot continue its business here anymore. Which brings me to the question about other companies that might be sharing similar situations.

Sony, for example, is not in particularly good shape or even HTC. These companies are not in the situations that they would want to be or expected themselves to be when Android dawned. Of course, Samsung did win big but none of the rest achieved the same.

This brings me to the point that if such a consolidation occurs in other companies as well and India is not on their list then we might end up with Samsung Android, Nokia Windows (if it survives) and plethora of small companies in the small budget segment.

I know this sounds like ranting of a madman or paranoia of a person who is thinking too much but the question begs to be asked. Which is true? Google is not taking India seriously, yet or Samsung has gained far too much over other companies?

Would love to hear your opinions on this!

  1. Ram N says

    Unfortunately already Motorola has wound up all service centres (atleast in Chennai since 2010) and i’ve been running from pillar to post for a Droid Battery last few months ….

    So this should be just the announcement, they’ve wound most of the operations w.r.t to Mobility i guess.

  2. Prats says

    This is interesting, but then not a surprise. India has not beeen Google’s focus market be it Nexus or be it any other devices none of them have been launched in India. Even if you have bought the devices abroad you can’t buy content from the play store using an Indian IP.
    So for all practical purpose Google has ignored India, the Android might be big in India because of Samsung, HTC and Local Players but Google doesn’t seem to perceive India as a fruitful market to be present in and this is indeed a painful for people like me who love Google products and want to be their customer.

  3. Sudarshan Rangarajan says

    After Google had acquired Moto, I was waiting for a kickass android device launch. Its US lineup looks pretty amazing and a change in a market flooded with similar mobiles. I wanted to buy Moto Defy+, but the proprietor himself advised against it.

    1. Binu Nair says

      Motorola Mobility was getting back on its profit charts..Then Google appeared.. I hate google for this.. :(

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