Gmail now allows 10 GB email attachments via Google Drive


Google has today announced that Gmail users can now send upto 10GB attachments in email. And how is that possible? you guessed it right – It will be through Google Drive. Google is rolling out this feature in phased manner and you will see it available to you in next few days.


However, keep in mind that Gmail users will have to opt-in for the new email compose feature, for 10 GB attachments to be available to them.

Although, this feature is something that will really help in sending larger attachments, it does not work like how traditional attachments work. The files that you want mail, need to be first available / uploaded to Google drive and only then can the large files be shared. And because the files will be stored in the cloud, all the recipients will have access to the same, most-up-to-date version.

This feature is more like what most “file sharing” websites offer, but more closely integrated within Gmail email client.

I personally tried using it, however, looks like Google has not rolled it out to me as yet. Also, it is not clear whether Google apps users will get this feature or not, which I suppose they should.

So next time you are composing a message in Gmail, if you spot that Google Drive icon, give it a try and let us know what you think about it.

  1. Pradeep Kolanu says

    As increase in online users and their activities, the space needed to handle and control the activities. The user activities include sharing of files, sending of files, storing of important data, etc. Gmail allows gradual increase of memory to maintain and provide the memory for storage and also to new users. This regular increment of space memory prevents the overflow of memory.
    Upto the now, Google allows about 10 GB memory space for online storage to each users online.

  2. rajesh kumar panigrahi says

    allow me to access 10 gb internet

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