Kasab, a product of Microsoft? [Trak.in Toons]


Generally, we stick to our Business, Technology & Mobile space for out Toons – but this one was just too difficult to pass. Social Media has been abuzz with Kasab hanging, which took place in Yerwada Jail in Pune. There has been a meme going around about relation between Kasab and Microsoft, where there is a common thread “hang”.

Here is a toon that depicts the same, I hope you will like it

Kasab Toon

[Note: Generally, we would never have a toon on a sensitive subject like this one, however, we at trak.in do not have any sympathies for Kasab]

  1. Srinivas Vemula says

    Sorry guys! this one to me is in poor taste..Disclaimer: Not because I am sympathetic towards Kasab.. but it just feels a poor choice of Mix n Match.

  2. Dixit says


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