Weekly Wrap-up: Aakash 2, Worldwide Mobile Sales, Mandatory CSR & more…


Diwali week is over, and I am sure everyone had a safe and joyous Diwali. India also lost one of the most well known leaders (especially in Maharashtra), Mr. Balasaheb Thackrey. We mourn his loss… May his soul rest in peace.

And now coming back to our Monday morning wrap-up of news… here it is.


Aakash 2 was finally launched last week and it was all good news for students. The Aakash 2 tablet has been subsidized by 50% for students now coming to them at a cost of only Rs. 1130/-. And yes, Aakash 2 has some excellent specs even at such a low price.

Apple hand HTC have settled their feuds and have come to an agreement. This news in itself may not be that significant, but it has sent a message to others that Apple may have toned down a bit on its aggression.

We had a quirky little toon on Mallya’s Diageo deal, and whether he will fly Kingfisher with the funds generated by this deal?

On Children’s Day on November 14th, Arun Yadav was declared the national winner of the Doodle 4 Google contest, which made him a mini celebrity after his Doodle was put up on Google search Homepage for an entire day for the millions to view.

Blackberry announced an update to its popular messenger client, which now includes voice calls over wi-fi, which is expected to be quite popular with Blackberry users.

In a significant move, BMC has announced a ban and stringent regulations around Mobile Towers being erected around Schools and Hospitals.

MobMe has introduced a breakthrough technology which will facilitate mobile signatures legally on documents through the mobile.

Android is growing leaps and bounds and Windows 8 has got some raving reviews by users. Do you think it will be tough going for iPad with them getting more and more popular?

It is interesting that even though India’s economy is not doing too well, the job market growth has been quite robust according to quarterly Monster Employment Index.

An Indian researcher, Arpit Gupta, along with others from North Carolina State University have come up with WiFox, a software that can potentially increase WiFi performance by nearly 700 percent.

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility may soon become mandatory for Indian companies, and if  that happens, India will become the first country in the world to do so…

Google Nexus devices are getting uber popular, and it is great for the growth of our mobile device ecosystem!

According to Gartner’s recent worldwide mobile sales report, Samsung has increased its market share, while one time leader, Nokia, has slipped to 7th position in Smartphone sales.

And here is a news that you wont like to hear – Mobile tariff’s may be on the verge of increasing. The bandwidth costs of telecom operators have increased drastically over last couple of year, and if they have to sustain, they will need to increase the tariff’s.

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