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Last updated: November 15, 2012 at 9:17 am

MobMe introduces legal Mobile Digital Signatures!

Kerala based MobME wireless solutions along with Gemalto (Netherland) and Valimo Wireless Oy (Finland) have developed an unique mobile digital signature technology. A minor deployment (BETA) of this technology will be somewhere around the end of December and by the next February it will be completely live.


Digital security is something that is necessary and since mobile e-commerce is growing leaps and bounds, it becomes more important to ensure consumer safety. This security method is based on Wireless PKI application embedded into the SIM CARD, so needless to say a new SIM which supports this feature will be made available by carriers.

The SIM acts as a security guard with the pin stored in it and not in some Cloud. So basically your pin will be in your hands and that pin will act as a single password to complete access. You won’t have to enter the password separately and hence disconnecting the need to remember and enter password on various sites.

With mobile banking and mobile based E-commerce making it big in India, this kind of security will address the fears of shopping on mobile and lure more people.

MobME has already partnered with Telecom Operators that include Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Tata Indicom, BSNL, MTNL, covering up more than half of the carrier segment. So the implementation of the new SIM won’t really be a problem.

A majority of upcoming government projects are going to be implemented on mobiles because of the reach. Aadhar, which was basically brought in to ensure transparent disposal of PDS will get a major boost in the form of mobile transfer. And again, security being one of the major issues can be answered by digital signature.

Digital signatures have so far implemented only on PCs and it was carried on a USB device or on a CD ROM, but now, with MobMe, it can now be carried in a mobile device and that too inside one, which makes it much safer.

MobME has made the first move in this segment and will reap its benefits when they roll out fully.

Essentially, with MobMe, your cellphone will be a credit card + PoS + PIN (for banking, Facebook, gmail etc.)

The whole part of mobile banking will be so much hassle free, without remembering all those passwords. It will finally as easy as it is shown in those advertisement. But the downside being, when things get too easy we seem to forget the hard way. We will forget out passwords too often because of the advent of DS, pretty much how we totally rely on phonebook for contacts.

The second concern being the cost of the SIM and the third one being – what in case the mobile is stolen?

Will the new SIM carry the same PIN as the earlier one? What will be the whole procedure? I guess that is no longer just 3 questions.


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