India’s Employment Market witnesses Robust Growth [Report]


Monster, one of the leading online employment agencies in the world released latest numbers based on their Monster Employment Index that shows robust employment growth in most of the sectors led by Shipping/Marine, which continues to outpace all other industries.

The Monster Employment Index rose level rose 13 percent from a year ago in October, while Shipping/Marine sector outpaced all others growing an impressive 46% as compared to last year.

Monster Employment Index

`Monster Employment Index

Sector Employment growth

According to the index, 21 out of 27 sectors witnessed growth as compared. After shipping / Marine services, NGO and Social Services witnessed 2nd highest growth rate of over 39 percent. While, production and Manufacturing sector witnessed steepest annual decline of -12 percent. Here are the Top 5 highest and lowest employment growth sectors.


Sector growth percent

Popular Occupations

It is interesting to note that, occupations that generally are generally  not the most preferred career choices grew the most as per the Monster Index. Arts & Creative occupations grew by over 25 percent followed by Legal which grew 21 percent topped the occupation growth charts. While Finance & Accounts witnessed steepest fall (down 4 percent).

Occupation Growth

City-wise Employment Trends

Southern cities of Coimbatore and Kochi witnessed maximum employment growth rate of 49% and 41% respectively, while Ahmedabad was the only city that showed negative growth in their employment. This also points to the fact that employment may be somewhat de-coupled with economic growth. Otherwise, decline in employment in Ahmedabad cannot be explained as Gujarat on whole is one of the fastest growing states in India.

Here are the Top 5 cities with most and least employment growth..

Employment Growth

Like I have said previously – the findings of Monster Employment Index are somewhat perplexing because, India’s economy is not currently in its top shape, but robust growth in employment is shown by the Index. Also, Monster has big enough sample data to come up with a close-to-reality findings. I think what needs to be looked at is, whether online employment trends also reflect the offline trend equally.

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