Digital Lives of Young Indians: 67 mins Spent Daily on Facebook alone!


Indian children aged between 9 to 18 or “Generation Z” as they are called, are increasingly spending more time on their mobile and on the internet.

Ericsson ConsumerLab carried out an extensive study on Generation Z and have come up with some interesting findings. Unsurprisingly, Mobile and Internet feature prominently in their lives. The report shows that even the youngest age group (9-11 years) shows advanced technology adoption and mobile-internet usage similar to their older counterparts.  The report states that 30 million of 69 million urban kids own mobile phones, and 3 million use mobile broadband on their phones.


It is interesting to note that Generation Z understand what constitutes a good mobile experience. The are well aware of the positive affects of network availability, competitive tariffs, service & support and good mobile internet speeds.

What Generation Z wants from their Mobile devices/network


Parents seek more Control

Although most parents set ground rules for device and online usage by their kids, most face challenge enforcing and adhering to it. Only one third of parents are able to keep track of their children’s communications activities. Even fewer claim to regularly check browser history. To further compound this lack of control, many children know how to hide their online activities from their parents.

parents track

Social Platforms Usage

The report adds that Generation Z spends an average of 1 hour and 7 minutes on Facebook every day. More than half of that time (40 mins) is from their mobile phones. And this one statistic will be very important for online service providers – 77% of the kids use social networks like Facebook to vent their frustration about poor service. This leads them to have their expectation levels are very high. They expect instant resolution of their issues and queries and constant feedback via social media.

Today’s Generation Z are tomorrow’s adults and their online / mobile behaviour cannot be ignored. It is important for brands, products and services to adapt to their requirements and mould their strategy accordingly or risk being thrown out of the game!

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