Indian Mobile Web usage Trends: Mobile E-Commerce gains significantly!


Opera Software’s quarterly report – State of Mobile Web – this time around is dedicated to Indian mobile web trends and it throws up some obvious yet interesting findings. According to the report, the usage of sites like Google, Facebook and YouTube remains consistent through-out India. However, if one considers India-specific websites, there is a large difference in consumption patters in different parts of the country.

For example, if you consider the news sites that are accessed through mobile, in the Northern region top the charts for local domains, however, it is completely absent in rest of the region. Similarly is most popular local domain in the South, but completely absent elsewhere.

This points to the fact that for local content, people prefer local languages as well as localized near-to-home content.

Here is a look at Top 5 most popular local domains based on region.

Top Local Domains

Most Popular Mobile Web Categories in India

News is the most popular category among Indian mobile web users, while E-Commerce is now replaced Social Networking as the 2nd most popular category on mobile. Education and Travel categories round-up the top 5 most popular categories for Mobile web users according to SMW report. Here is a look at the top 10 categories:

  1. News Portals
  2. E-commerce
  3. Social networking
  4. Education
  5. Travel
  6. Search
  7. Cricket
  8. Download portals
  9. Job portal
  10. Government websites

Among the E-commerce sites, is the most popular (though, I am not sure if one can classify as a E-Commerce site). Amazon sites are also quite popular coming in at second. Flipkart, which I assumed would have been the most popular ranks 3rd most accessed E-Commerce site on mobile in India.

Top 15 e-commerce sites in India

  2. /
  10. /

Mobile Web Growth in India

According to the Opera report, the consumer base of the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers grew in unique users by more than 35%. However, September 2012 witnessed decrease in in unique users due to seasonal variations and temporary blocking issues.

Opera user growth

Report stated that Opera Mini users generated over 2.21 million MB of data for operators worldwide. This is a really good number considering that Opera Mini Browser data is compressed.

Overall, the report clearly shows that more and more Individuals are accessing internet from their mobile and at the same time, E-Commerce is showing tremendous uptick in usage on mobile.

  1. Jorge Forero says

    The rates about ecommerce are growing worldwide, good thing for India is a nice sign of golbalization, the number of mobile internet user are growing so fast too, step by step to technology

  2. Vandhana Karthick says

    Mobile usage never get de-growth in India. It is one of the most easiest way of using Internet and now tablets are developing. A survey says that out of Indian population only 22% are using Internet and still 78% are vacant to be filled, in upcoming years at least the growth will be of minimum 50%…So simultaneously mobile usage Internet will also grow rapidly..

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