IFTTT- Making the Internet work for you!


There was once a time that a person could count the number of accounts he had online on his fingertips. Now is not the case. The number of accounts has increased and not just the number of emails that a person holds but with the advent of facebook, twitter, instagram, pocket etc. the number of accounts that a person manages have increased many folds.

Once upon a time I use to remember all my passwords, now it is impossible to keep track of just the mails I have. This is no good in a time where we do not have time. Some things need to happen by themselves, don’t they? For example, everytime you like a video on youtube you would want to share it with your facebook friends or maybe on twitter. Now, youtube provides a way to link that.

What if you are interested in sending all your read Pocket articles to your Box account or maybe whatever you star in Google Reader? If you want to get away from somewhere and want a call to come as soon as you message, what should you do?

If you will notice, these are all the things that are really small and one can live without them but add them and suddenly things become simpler. With so many accounts lying here and there it would be prudent to link them in a way that an effect in one shows on another. Also, I think it is more important that these link are all together so that in case one wants to change something he does not have to go to individual accounts.

The solution to both these problems lies with IFTTT. Don’t get confused by the name. It is a simple acronym- If This Then That!


People who have used Linux will be aware of scripts. It works in a similar way. Automation is the aim and web is the platform.

The basic concept is-

IF (trigger) Then (Action)

This trigger is nothing but an action done by the user. For example liking a video on youtube or marking a star on Google Reader. This automatically will trigger an action as predefined by the user.

Arun Prabhudesai IFTTT

So, take the example given above, I have said that when I post a new status message on Facebook it will go as an update to Linkedin. I did this in less than 30 seconds. This way you can make 100s of recipes / rules or whatever you want to call it!


The best thing about IFTTT, besides its ease of use is that already there are so many recipes (as each trigger-action sequence is called in IFTTT) already present that most people will not even find the need to create one for themselves. Of course, that option is open nevertheless.

I can definitely foresee that IFTTT will probably be one of the most important utility that you may use on the internet to make your online lives easier…

So, try out IFTTT and as they say – Put the internet to work for you!

  1. Rohit says

    Another similar one is zapier.com
    check that too, its better in some scenarios

  2. Binu Sunny says

    really excited need to try this…

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