90% digitization achieved in Metros with Set-top-boxes


[Update 30th Oct 2012: According to an update by I&B ministry, the total percent of digitization has reached 93% as of 30th October 2012.The data shows that in Delhi the Cable TV digitization has touched 92% and with DTH the percentage of digitization has gone upto 95%. For Mumbai the percentage of digitization is 100% whereas for Kolkata Cable TV digitization alone has crossed 82%, along with DTH the percentage of digitization goes upto 85%. In Chennai the Cable TV digitization has reached 62% and with DTH it goes upto 86%. The overall percentage of achievement in 4 metro cities, therefore, is 89% as far as the Cable TV is concerned and with DTH, the percentage goes upto 93%. ]


According to a press communiqué from Information & Broadcasting  Ministry a total of 90% digitization has been achieved in 4 Metro cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata (including previous DTH connections). Since ministry announced the compulsory digitization, 85% of Cable connections have been digitized with Set-top-boxes.

Among the 4 Indian cities, Mumbai has achieved near 100% digitization, followed by Delhi who have achieved 88%. Chennai stands 3rd with 85% followed by Kolkata at 82%.

DTH Connections in Metros

The deadline of October 31st is just 2 days away, but good progress has been made thanks to media coverage, and incessant commercials aired by Information & Broadcasting ministry.  The press release reported a sharp rise in Set Top Boxes being installed in homes in last few weeks. Daily installation of DTH connections in the above mentioned 4 metro cities has gone up to 8000 Boxes per day from an average of about 2000 Boxes a few weeks back.

My View

On personal level, I think it will not be too difficult to achieve full digitization in Metros, however, it may prove to be equally difficult in rural areas and villages. Although, the date for Pan-India digitization completion has not been announced, installing set top boxes in remote areas is going to be an arduos task, unless it is made compulsory.

What’s your take?

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