Global Tablet Shipments: Android Grows, iOS Slips


According to report by Strategy Analytics, the global tablet shipments have witnessed a modest growth of 43% as compared to same quarter last year. The total tablet shipments worldwide reached 25 million units in the third quarter of 2012. Comparatively, previous quarter (2nd quarter 2011) had witnessed 289 percent growth annually.

Apple iOS slipped to 57% global market share, while Android has surged to capture a record 41 percent share.

According to the report, the growth in tablet shipments has been slowest since the modern tablet industry began in Q2 2010, due to economic uncertainty and primarily also because consumers are holding off purchases in anticipation of multiple new models, like the iPad Mini, during the upcoming festive season.

Tablet Market Share

Total Tablet Market Share q3-11 vs q3-12

Apple commanded an impressive 64.50% market share last year, which has slipped by nearly 8 percentage points to 56.70%. On the hand, Android market share surged from 29.20% last year to 41.30% in 3rd quarter of 2012. Microsoft market share which was already miniscule (2.30%) has fallen further (1.60). However, with the launch of Surface tablet, Microsoft is (hopefully) poised to gain in market share in coming quarters.

Apple shipped a disappointing 14.0 million iPads while Android’s shipments reached 10.2 million units registering a growth of 29% compared to previous year.

If the current trend continues, Android Tablets will surpass iOS based tablets by next year end. However, it will all depend on how iPad mini performs!

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