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By 2014 western markets will see increased hiring of IT professionals from India and China, predicts Gartner in its latest report which outlines the firm’s top predictions for IT organizations in 2013 and beyond. This is among many other key predictions by Gartner, a US based research and advisory firm, which gives insight into the world of IT in the years to come.

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Big Data Market to demand nearly 45 lakh jobs globally by 2015

The firm expects the big data market to demand nearly 45 lakh jobs globally by 2015 out of which only 1/3rd or less than 15 lakh jobs are set to be filled. Databases of governments, public and private enterprises are set to grow and pose multiple challenges including storage, data management, analytics and velocity driven issues to the organizations.

The need for professionals with specific skill sets to help organizations make well informed business decisions based on quintillion bytes of available data is likely to drive hiring and IT spending.

BYOD devices will accelerate Malware penetration

Malware was another concern as the research firm predicted that the workplace concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will see corporates scurrying to protect their own networks from infections. BYOD as a trend has also been noted in India as recent data indicated that more than half of corporate workers preferred to use smartphones and tablets at workplaces.

The apparent lack of control over personal devices will see corporates strengthening their own networks rather than try to manage workers’ devices. Through 2014, Gartner predicts that malware will compromise employee-owned devices at a rate which is more than double that of corporate-owned ones. Security software developer McAfee also noted in its recent quarterly report that malware was on the rise and highest number of new malware detections were made in 2012.

Android Platform and a Chinese Mobile Market will grow significantly

"By Year-End 2014, three of the top five mobile handset vendors will be Chinese" is yet another prediction that Gartner makes. The firm believes that the android platform and a growing Chinese market will drive geographic expansion of Chinese mobile vendors as they market their entry-level smartphones overseas.

Based on shipments, Samsung is the top mobile phone vendor in the world followed by Nokia and Apple, according to various industry estimates including Gartner.

Together the three companies held a dominant 48.4% market share in global mobile phone shipments in Q2 2012. Chinese manufacturer ZTE and South Korean vendor LG Electronics took 4th and 5th spots with 4.3% and 3.4% market share respectively. Huawei Device and TCL Communications, both China headquartered multinationals, have 6th and 7th highest market share in worldwide quarterly mobile shipments.

Data reveals that 3 out of the top 7 mobile phone vendors in the world are Chinese. For Gartner’s prediction to hold, a Chinese mobile handset vendor will have to topple Nokia, Samsung or Apple from the top three, by as soon as 2014. In the PC market, Chinese multinational Lenovo edged out HP for the first time to grab top market share in Q3 2012.

Wearable Smart Electronics to become a $10 billion market by 2016

Gartner also expects wearable smart electronics to become a $10 billion market by 2016. As smart electronics in shoes and other accessories record data, retailers are set to benefit by gaining access to biosensing, personal preferences, location, social interaction and more. Increased integration of technology in daily life can potentially add to the existing hype of the big data market.

Asian IT companies will expand their geographical footprint further in western markets

From India’s perspective, Gartner’s predictions signal increased off-shore hiring activity by 2014 as its report said "IT hiring in major Western markets will come predominantly from Asian-headquartered companies enjoying double-digit growth" The firm predicts that the top Asian IT companies will expand their geographical footprint in western markets.

This expansion will resultantly drive increased hiring of IT professionals from countries like India and China. "Consequently, these organizations will be responsible for major hiring of IT professionals to support their growth at a time when Western companies will still be coping with the impact of the economic crisis," the report added.

[For full list of predictions, see Gartner report here]

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