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The growth of Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra and others all direct towards one thing. E-commerce in India is to stay and flourish. In fact, it is an opportune time for a seller to create an E-commerce portal, especially in niche segments. The market is open right now and growing bigger, stiff competition exists, but it is still open to someone with a new approach.

What might deter a person is hardcore knowledge of programming, setting up the website and doing the miscellaneous things that have nothing to do with core logistics.

Here comes to the rescue: Izzonet. It is an E-commerce platform that does the job of setting up the portal and then getting out of the way and letting you focus on your products. Created by Izzonet.Inc, an E-commerce solution firm, Izzonet is a platform where a person can create his website which can solely focus on E-Commerce. The approach is professional and it is expected that the person who is going to use it has no knowledge of programming of any kind. This is good and needed in our country where the computer penetration is still growing.


The feature list is quite extensive but the caveat is that not all features are available for all. There are different packages ranging from $20 to $300 a month. The main website shows many features as upcoming so one can expect that Izzonet is striving to improve which is a good thing.

It has all the necessary features like built in templates to start right over and if a person wants can customize them to their needs. Secure shopping cart and even a web-based interface for Supplier management.

Also, a very important thing that Izzonet has is Anti-Fraud and chargeback preventer which means that you do not have to run after each small security issue and that can be handled with Izzonet in one go. Integration with ebay is also beneficial as it is the grand daddy of all selling portals.

There is one very important thing that I was curious about and that was competition. There is ample competition in the field where Izzonet is. A similar platform Buildabazaar.com exist which has been created by people behind Indian Ecommerce portal Infibeam. And, if a person is willing to dirty his hands, even WordPress has an e-commerce plugin which can convert a blog into a portal. There are many other such platforms that are free and are useful for anyone with stringent budget and inclination to learn.

However, from the looks of it, Izzonet does have plenty of features that others lack to certain extent and is highly customizable, which potential users may find quite appealing.

For people who want to focus on their core work then paying a sum is not a bad idea. With it a person gets good features and support which I believe is very important in business. The last thing you want is that your business stops when you are actually getting noticed because of a small bug that you do not understand. Expert advice saves one from these hassles.

The pricing of Izzonet is also very competitive and thus makes it an important candidate to choose from.

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