Infibeam launches online wallet with Aam Aadmi Offer!


Infibeam has today announced launch of its online wallet – It is kind of a personal prepaid account that allows users to make hassle free frequent purchases on the site without having to use Credit card or Net banking every time.

The Festive season is starting and like offline, online stores are also coming up with new offers, schemes and discount. The Infibeam Wallet is essentially a slight twist instead of offering a straight discount. What wallet does is, encourages the users to come back and shop again given that you have balance in your wallet. To know more about how it works, read here.

Infibeam also has cashed in on the popular “mango people” phrase, a popular phrase, which is now even more popular because of you-know-who. Accompanying the launch of wallet, Infibeam is offering 10% discount on all the purchases that you make on Infibeam For which you will have to use promo-code “mangopeople” at the time of purchase.  And you guessed it right, this 10% discount will go into your digital wallet.

Aam Aadmi Offer

The Aam Aadmi offer is not unlimited, it is limited to Rs. 2000 and it is also for a limited time period till November, 2012.

Personally, I don’t find it too attractive. However, kudos to Infibeam team for using a popular phase, which makes the offer stick. Also, it is quite surprising that similar online wallets are not offered by other ecommerce stores in India, because this surely helps increase the repeat purchases. If there is balance, people will definitely utilize it and in the process spend more money… Something Ecommerce site need you to do desperately!

So, if you were wanting to buy something from Infibeam, now is the time. You may save some money….or may be not :)

  1. Omkar Mishra says

    I guess FlipKart and SnapDeal have already launched these..Too late for infiBeam to cash in..

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