Weekly Wrap-up: Whatsapp Reliance, Microsoft RT, Youtube PPV & more…


Here is a quick overview of some of the popular posts that were published last week.

Weekly Wrap up: PC/Tablet Market Share, Micromax TVs & more…


According to LinkedIn’s Most InDemand Employers list, Accenture tops as the most sought after employer by Indians. Google takes the top rank in the world. Technology companies dominate the list!

With Tablets becoming extremely popular, do you think Ultrabooks or Netbooks will survive the onslaught?

Here is a great toon that clearly shows the priorities of Present Indian Generation, though it is toon, it is currently a hard fact!

iPhone 5 was probably the most underwhelming compared to all the previous iPhone version launches. Do you think product flaws and bad publicity will kill iPhone brand?

Whatsapp, one of the most popular mobile messaging app has tied hands with Reliance to bring chatting and internet messaging to low cost handsets as well!

If you talk a lot internationally on your phone, you should take a look at Plingm. A cost effective VOIP solution to call worldwide.

Indian Government has decided to form a Joint Working Group that will take steps to curb cyber crimes in the country.

Here are lessons 101 on CIBIL and its Individual Credit Scoring System.

To increase Facebook’s mobile usage, they have started offering Rs. 50 if you signup through your handset. Every referral also gives you Rs. 50…

Big Data is really getting big. According to Gartner, Big data to drive $28 billion in IT spending in 2012.

If you want to create or edit Microsoft office document on your mobile, make sure you try out Cloudon’s updated mobile app version. They have now launched it worldwide, and is probably closest to the “MS Office” experience you will get on a mobile.

India finally witnessed some economic reforms in terms of opening up FDI in retail along with few other verticals. Could these economic reforms pave the way for increased penetration from UK businesses?

According to Sophos recent report, India is ranked the Top spam relaying country in the world.

Airtel has announced launch of its 4G services in Pune and will offer some great introductory plans for its users.

Microsoft announced Windows RT pricing and it is quite disappointing. By announcing similar pricing as iPad, they have probably killed the market for themselves.

For the first time in history, India’s average internet speed has shot up beyond 1 mbps.

Youtube is soon planning to launch Pay-per-view services in India.

Google has now officially confirmed that Indian developers can sell Android Apps on Google Play Store. They can use their Indian  bank accounts to transact!

If you have been on internet for sometime, I am sure you have visited a Product Comparison Website. They could be termed as essential bridge between buyers and sellers.

Google has reduced pricing on its upgraded Chromebook – Time will tell if people will adopt it or not.

And like every week, here are the Top 10 Tech news and Top 10 business news of the week.

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