Facebook offers Rs. 50 for Mobile signups


With a billion users on its roaster, who would have thought Facebook would be offering incentives for mobile sign-ups. But that is the fact…

Like everyone, Facebook also understand that handheld portable devices are the future. Content consumption on mobile devices will rule the future and Facebook wants to expedite that process, especially in a country like India where there are 900 mobile subscribers but only a fraction of them have personal computers at home.

That’s precisely the reason, why Facebook is offering Rs. 50 for every signup that happens through mobile.

FAcebook Talktime

This incentive is only for India though, and that is also for a reason. India has less than 50 million users on Facebook. There is such a huge potential for Facebook to grow in India, but if the growth numbers are seen over past few months, it is relatively slow.

Facebook wants to entice nearly 500 million (considering real headcount of people having mobile phones) mobile users in India to signup and for most of them mobile is the only way.

The Rs. 50 Incentive for Mobile sign-up…will it work

It is clear that FB wants people to signup through their mobile phones and that’s why the incentive.

Facebook is providing Rs. 50 for every referral that you bring in. User will need to go to a special link created for – http://m.facebook.com/tt.  But don’t get too excited, you will not be getting cash. It will be in the form of a talktime, which will be credited your account in 3 days time. Facebook has not posted any terms and conditions on the signup page, but if it is purely on referral basis and no audit is going to be done, Facebook needs to get ready for lot of fake profiles that will be getting created in coming days.

I am not too sure how many new signups will Facebook get with this incentive plan, but there will be lot of people with lot of time on hand, who will make a job out of creating false facebook accounts to pocket 50 bucks… that’s for sure!

What’s your take?

  1. Yash Gadhiya says

    Interesting. Is it on every network? I believe FB might have gotten into partnership with some mobile service provider and they might be doing this jointly. It's a win-win for everyone involved – user, mobile provider and FB. As the user gets addicted to FB there will be revenue for mobile provider for data access.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Yes, I forgot to add that to the article…. I don't have any information about telecom operator tie-up…but it surely looks like that. However, like I said in the post, there is not much of information on how they are going to curb fake profiles…otherwise we may see a cottage industry start off creating fake profiles :)

    2. Yash Gadhiya says

      Mobile number. I am sure you can use a number for one sign up only. Yes there will certainly be a few fake profiles because some people will have multiple SIMs and some people will use up numbers in family, but its still a new FB account with a unique mobile number and that's what counts for Facebook to please the Wall Street :)

  2. Dharuna Manivannan says

    Never needed..already fake prfiles fed up.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Its sure going to create a mess for FB…thats for sure..

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