Micromax Enters Home Entertainment Segment with LED TV, Home Theatre Launch


Micromax is expanding its wings and moving beyond Mobile and Tablets now…

They have introduced range of entertainment products that include new advanced LED TVs along with attractive looking home theaters and blue ray disc player.

Micromax Entertainment

Micromax probably understands that Mobiles / Tablets are a cut-throat business and probably have wafer-thin margins. They need to diversify more and probably take advantage of the Brand “Micromax” that they have created. When they launched low cost mobile phones, other biggies like Samsung, Nokia and others did not have the “low price range”… Micromax took advantage of the same. But now that advantage has eroded with even the larger global brands coming up with low cost phones as well!

Mobile phones is in many ways similar to Home Entertainment category and Micromax understands this category of business well, which puts them in good position. They are planning to repeat what they did with mobiles…Bring in low cost consumer durables and attain huge sales volumes!

Micromax has launched various LED TV models that range from 24 inches to 55 inches and cost between 15000 to 1,24,000 in the Indian market. Similar featured and sized models from other leading TV manufacturers cost roughly 40% more!

Micromax has also recently introduced Micromax Smart Stick Android dongle which is aimed at consumers who wish to convert their TV into an Android TV (or something similar to a smart TV). The Micromax Smart Stick is powered by Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The 1 GHz Android dongle is priced at Rs 4,990 and has a standard HDMI interface with internal 4GB storage capacity, and Wi-fi direct connection.

I am not sure if Micromax will be a successful in this category as they have been in Mobile and Tablet space. But one thing is for sure, Home Entertainment products are the right progression for them, and probably the best chance for them to be successful..

What’s your take?

  1. Gaurav Jhamb says

    Smart move! Knowing that digitization of cable has been made compulsory and there aren't many low cost options in LED TVs which will be in demand in the near future; Micromax has made a perfect move!

  2. Saurav Banerjee says

    if it is available in ranchi , jharkhand.

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