How Apple iPad has survived despite Onslaught of Android Tablets?


With their entry into the consumer tablet PC space, Apple was set to revolutionize the whole industry. It was known fact that it will get competition from other companies which try to get a chunk of those huge sales which Apple has been experiencing through last 3 years.

When compared to its closest competitor Android, it took Google close to two years to chalk out a tablet like Nexus 7 which managed to have a ‘sold-out’ status ( Kindle fire not being a core Android product). Even this tablet was sold in large numbers due to its low price point. Although there are many reasons for dominance of the iPad over others, this post takes a look at some of the most important aspects where Apple wins against its competitors despite Apple iPad price being significantly higher than competition.

Android Vs iPad

Easiest To Use Tablet

Apple’s iOS which is used in every iPad is one of the world’s easiest operating systems to use. People might complain about the lack of widgets or only the option of changing wallpaper in the name of device customization and personalization.

These trade-offs have been made by Apple to make their operating system easier to use. To prove this point, there are many people who used the Internet first time on their iPads. Many people have gifted iPads to their parents and grandparents to keep in touch with them.

Basic applications such as Web Browser, Email, Calendar and FaceTime are some of the best and most used applications on iPad which makes iPad easy to use to any type of user. Apple’s most important innovations have been in tailoring out the best user interface for touchscreen use with natural actions such as pinch to zoom, slide to scroll (kinetic scrolling), bounce back, five finger pinch to close applications and four finger swipe to unveil the multitasking menu.

They are so close to real world appearance and natural actions that people get accustomed to it in no time and they don’t have to spend time to learn using it.

Impressive Performance

Apple always focuses on the quality of hardware used, both on the outside as well as the inside. Apple’s iPad always have had the strongest hardware configuration compared to its competitors. Right from the start, Apple was sure that its device will mostly be used for media consumption and entertainment such as web browsing, gaming and video playback.

So Apple used some of the most powerful GPUs available at the time of launch of each iPad. The original iPad used the PowerVR SGX540 single core GPU, the iPad 2 used the PowerVR SGX5443MP2 while the new iPad uses the quad-core GPU in the form of PowerVR SGX543MP4 which still defeats any of the latest GPUs used in any mobile and tablet device as of now.

The new iPad has by far the most pixel dense tablet screen ever which reproduces professional grade colours.

Choice & Quality of Apps and Games

Despite being constantly hammered with criticism, Apple’s ‘closed garden’ ecosystem is still undoubtedly the best collection of applications, games, books, music, videos and media found on any tablet device platform right now. The only competition to them in media collection is from Amazon which actually has better collection of movies and books but it falters in the application and game collection.

Apple has set up a tough process for any application or game developer to get into the Apple’s AppStore where everything related from performance to usability is tested according to their rules, and then certified to be used with their devices.

There is a huge library of games starting from fun and simple Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja to high end exclusive titles such as Infinity Blade, Real Racing. The Game Centre makes it even more enjoyable using which you can play against your friends or just about anyone in the world to prove your gaming skills.

Applications such as Flipboard, Reeder, Tweetbot and Sparrow have been excellent choices to read mails, browse through news and tweets.

Apple always had very good ties with media and music publishing companies with the start of iTunes. Apple’s iBooks and iTunes U platform just takes this initiative forward with iPad not just pitching itself as a device for entertainment but even for education.

Winning the Content Creation Battle

Although some of iPad’s competitors have been advertising their ‘content creation’ ability, Apple is not sitting idle.

Apple has some of the best content creation applications such as Adobe Photoshop Touch, Keynote, Pages, Garageband, iMovie, Paper and DJay to name a few which in combination with crazily wild accessories such as capacitive stylus, attachable keyboards and various music instruments have made it the best ever portable platform for content creation.

Constant Improvement in Screen yet Best Battery Life

The use of best performing processor, GPU and best looking display meant that there will be increased strain on batteries but Apple manages the power consumption by tweaking and tuning the hardware and software. It even succeeds in increasing the battery endurance compared to the older models of iPad in each revision.

When Apple used the Retina display on the new iPad with humongous resolution, everyone was worried about the battery life as the screen had four times the pixels on the previous iPad. As maintaining the same battery performance is not possible by just tweaking the hardware, Apple doubled the battery capacity to 11,000 mAh which is more than double when compared to any tablet prior that.

Apple always advertises an ‘All-day battery life’ which can be anything like to watch 3 full length movies back to back or web browsing for more than 10 hours straight. Despite the iPad’s displays being one of the top performers, all the iterations of the iPad have been excellent in battery performance turf.

These were the places where Apple’s iPad performed better and collectively managed to defeat all of its competitors 3 years in a row.

It is difficult to imagine the competitors managing to beat iPad in terms of performance or the choice of applications in near future.

Apple’s only real threat lies in the form of their long rival Microsoft who have announced their brand new operating system Windows 8 which is designed from ground-up to perform better with touchscreen devices like tablets and hybrid laptops.

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