Weekly Wrap-up: Google Overtakes Microsoft, Internet consumption & more…


It’s Monday morning and time for our round-up of some of the buzzing posts that were published on trak.in. Here they are…

Weekly Wrap up: Google Play store, Roaming Free, Note II & more…

Linked in an extremely important platform, especially for working professionals. Here are 3 most important reasons why even Entrepreneurs should take their Linkedin profile seriously!

Do you think that “Movies on Demand” offered by the cable and satellite television companies are popular enough? Will they take away eyeballs from Theatre goers?

Google has overtaken Microsoft to become the world’s second most valued company after Apple.

Here is a very valid arguments which tell that Smartphones are replacing car in many ways, especially for the teenagers!

It is a known fact that when you are on internet, there are many distractions that hamper productivity. Here are 5 ways to boost your productivity with patterned browsing.

Google has announced their annual Doodle4Google contest – If eligible, one must definitely participate in the contest, you might win get a celebrity status…

Internet Media consumption is witnessing major growth, with it growing over 38% in the last quarter alone!

This is a big news for gaming Industry as it has potential to bring in wave of consolidation. PSP and their games are no directly coming to Mobile phones.

If you are buying a new car this festive season – Here are the 5 tips that will save you money and get you the  best deal on your car.

Here is an excellent infographic, especially for entrepreneurs and tech startups. Here The mapping of accelerator programs and startup stages in India.

3D Technology has been around for quite some time, however, it seems to be now making inroads in our living room in form of 3D LED Televisions. The question though is whether it is right approach for Television viewing?.

Facebook has achieved yet another huge milestone – It has a hit a whooping 1 Billion active user mark.

We have come up with the “Top videos that don’t make any sense” – We have compiled this list  based on the Reader suggestions on a similar post that we did few weeks back.

We have become so much dependent on Technology – Can we survive without Technology?

Singapore is another country which Indian Entrepreneur should take seriously, It is one of the best places on the Earth to do business.

And here are our Weekly Top 10’s

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