3D Technology in TV – Is this the right direction?


When the LCD TVs came into being, they were different. In comparison to our fat CRTs they were something else. Of course, without HD content their true value was not recognizable but still they got the recognition that something new was coming. Today they are a norm. Not just in the television arena but because of Android and iPhone they are a norm in our daily life.

Our TVs are LCDs, our laptops, computers, mobiles, tablets and what not. Everyone is now familiar to LCDs and knows how it looks and feels. Like every technology it is also updating itself from LCDs to the new LEDs. This update is exactly that- an update. Of course, the update is good and in future will become a norm but it is not a revolution that changes the way we watch television.


That update is something that is in the industry for years actually.

3D movies are something that I feel I have been hearing since childhood. The concept is so intriguing that one cannot but feel giddy thinking about how 3D will look like. Advertisements have done nothing to break that mould. It is fed to the general audience that with 3D technology their way of seeing will change. And it is true as well, but there is one catch.

The catch is that 3D is something that we see everyday in our life. Our eyes are 3D so the perceptions that are made gives us the notion to compare what we see on our 3D TV to our real life experiences and there it fails as it has to fail. Beating the good ol’ eyes is still far from reality.

But I digress. What I want to talk about today is whether it actually is a technology that we want or need? LCD brought not just the picture quality but its bigger advantage was the space and power it needed. A 50-inch screen needs no more space than a 32-inch one. In CRT a 50 inch was just impractical.

3D is not like that. And seeing the movies in 3D (and also sports) I have a feeling that only a few moments are thrilling enough to actually need 3D. Even in a full-blown action movie there are at max 5-10 scenes that become awe-struck in 3D. Story in itself does not need 3D.

Two reasons for this are-

  1. Suspension of Disbelief- Story if engrossing makes 3D only a gimmick.
  2. Years of watching 2D we have adapted ourselves enough to actually not needing the third dimension.

Maybe I am mistaken and it is the lack of content that is creating the distortion against 3D in my mind.

Still, I have a feeling that 3D TVs while getting a lot of attention are not the direction where TVs will eventually end up. A social TV is on the other hand a more viable and better future. Maybe the TVs will converge with Desktops. Imagine having a 50-inch desktop running your favourite OS and then you taking all that content to your 5-inch mobile (as they are both connected in cloud). Opening it in your office in a 15-inch laptop while at the same time your colleague is using your 10 inch tab to give the presentation you made on your 50-inch TV on a 100-inch projector.

Too far-fetched? I still believe that this is better than a 3D TV.

Your thoughts are welcome…

  1. mayank says

    this was interesting article and agree with it. 3D is only good for an instance, not suitable for all the times. LCD has reached everywhere it could be afforded and after LED and smart tv, LCD prices are going down, so it will reach everywhere. what I feel gradually LEDs will replace LCDs. 3Ds not feasible due to many reasons including space, price, glasses to be worn etc. so it cant occupy that space.

    As you said desktop TV rightly on the way.
    internet tv already there withinternet application built in. if surfing is also there and channels have their websites like youtube…..then there may not be required any schedule of programs. goto your fav. chanel website click and watch
    your serials, news etc updated on realtime basis. but for this network system has to be improved a lot.

    smart tvs are already there which responds to your actions like xbox360.
    which is for rich class/show off. similar product will remain lined up ..

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