Top Twitter Trends of the Week [Sept 24th]


Its time when we bring to you the top 10 twitter trends of the week. You should always stay updates about what is trending around us, and so here is this week’s edition of the Twitter trends.

Top twitter trends

1. The Twenty20 World Cup

The T20 world cup is going on in Sri Lanka with much fan excitement. In a country where cricket is religion, talks are sure to happen at the time of such a big cricketing event. This has the number one position in this list is not because the Indian team is so good, but because Indian cricket fans are just crazy! The tags #wt20 and #indvsaus were the leaders when it came to hash tag use in India this week.

2. The India And Pakistan Tie

India takes on Pakistan today at the R. Premdasa Stadium in Colombo in the ongoing T20 world cup. The arch rivalry between the two countries has always leaded to a different kind of excitement in the air. This is the third time the two teams will face each other in T20. The hash tag #indvspak remained to be discussed whole week.

3. The Oscar Nominee

Anurag Basu’s latest release ‘Barfi’ was nominated as the Indian entry to the Oscar awards this year. Though two weeks have passed since this movie was released, its different storyline have enabled it to stay among the toppers in the Twitter trends.

4. #mumbai

This hash tag remained in the toppers throughout the week. We tried to ascertain why it was so, but there was not any one topic for which this was used. People used #mumbai to comment on different issues.

5. Fdi

The UPA Government, seeming on a spree of economic reforms, announced the opening up of FDI in retail last week. The issue was in the talks this week as well, with #fdi being used just so many times.

6. Ganesha

‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’

The week saw the Ganesh Chaturthi which is celebrated in India every year with great enthusiasm. The craze and excitement which surrounds this festival need not to be described.

7. The Airview feature in Samsung Galaxy Note 2

A new feature in the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Airview which allows user to hover over emails, images etc. using the S Pen stylus, or even preview things without actually opening them remained the buzzing thing among Indian Twitterati during the week. It’s really an interesting feature, isn’t it?

8. #airteldelhihalfmarathon

The annual Delhi Half Marathon was organized this week and just like every year, it saw a very good participation by Delhi. The ‘Dilwale’ people in Delhi are surely keen to keep their heart healthy.

9. #mufc

10. #2thingsilove

One such hash tag finds its way in the top twitter trends every week. People defined the top 2 things they love using this tag.

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