iPhone 5 available in India for Rs. 60,000!


Yes, 60…f****** thousand!

That’s what it will cost you to get a new iPhone 5 in your hand.

Its amazing the price that iPhone commands, that too even without having some top of the line features which others have.

Ebay.in has listed a Factory Unlocked Apple IPhone 5 16GB  Version for Rs. 59,900 and yes, it has very limited stocks. According to the ebay seller, the iPhone 5 will be shipped to buyer in in next 10 working days.

iPhone 5 in India

So, if you are one of those real Apple Fan boys, and have loads of money to spend – you are probably the right person to be an iPhone owner.

You will definitely score high on the bragging rights – I can definitely say that!

You must definitely check out these iPhone 5 Toons, the first one is definitely in line with iPhone pricing!

  1. 2lessons says

    I don’t think that will be value for money.

  2. Puneet Sharma says

    its available for lesser on firangi bhai – https://www.firangibhai.com/products/iPhone-5.html.

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