Google Play celebrated 25 Bln downloads with Huge App discounts!


If you open Google Play right now, you will be greeted with pleasant information that Google Play has reached 25 Billion downloads. That is a huge number. Google is also ensuring that users of Android are part of this celebration.

For the next few days (in all 5 days I guess) many apps on Google will be $ 0.25 (Rs. 13.37 currently). The link is here.

25 billion donwloads

The apps present there too are not any cheap apps but good quality products like Angry birds Space, cut the rope: experiments, Office suit pro and many other apps are available at less than a quarter of the actual price.

How many of us will not share this link after seeing apps going at Rs. 13? It is tempting! So, if you wanted to make your smartphone more productive and fun with paid apps, head to Google playstore right now!

This is not the first time Google has come up with this idea (or for that matter they are not alone in it). Earlier too, the apps have been on sale for around Rs. 5. I nicked in Swiftkey that time. Around 50 apps will be on offer this time and I can bet; at least 5 apps in the bunch will be indispensable to one or the other group.

Discounts are a great way to share your happiness with the clients. It helps in a bumper sale of the apps that are involved in the offer. Also, with apps, word of mouth means a lot (It means a lot in everything but in mobile apps a person can only use it on someone else’s mobile. To use it yourself you have to buy it or use its trial version). Thus, a person can facilitate in sale of more of the same app (or different apps from same author) once he has downloaded it.

Coming to the figure of 25 Billion android app downloads…. Its really amazing…

The climb to this number is quite impressive and shows the faith that people have shown in the platform and of course the success of the apps-based ecosystem. (Even iPhone has equally-if-not-better feat to show, but Apple app store came in lot earlier compared to Android).

People were waiting for this to happen and now it seems a distant past (for smartphones owners) when mobile phones did not have an app-model. Even feature phones now have various apps to compete with entry level smartphones (Nokia Asha series comes to mind).

Be it Apple or Google, apps have won the war for the users.

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