Excellent tips on getting Exposure for your Startup [Reference Guide]


One of the biggest reason for startup failure is due to the fact that many entrepreneurs are not able to garner enough exposure without spending money. Majority of startups are boot-strapped and they do not have advertising & marketing budgets to spread the message about their startup.

Having said, that it is equally true that there are enough channels for Entrepreneurs where they can pitch their startups to get exposure. While many don’t know about these channels, others are not able to take advantage of them in proper manner.

Alok Kejriwal, a serial entrepreneur and head of 2win group of companies, has published a slideshare deck which offers excellent tips on how an entrepreneur can do focused PR for his / her startup. This deck not only gives pointers but also put across practical examples of how it can be done.

And yes, all the tips and methods that Alok has mentioned in this deck are free and does not cost anything. I am sure if these tips are used, a startup stands a very high chance of getting exposed in Offline, Online as well as Social media.

PR for Startups! A Reference Guide

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  1. Anonymous says

    Very insightful…thanks! What is the one best tip that you would like to share with all of us on start-ups. DO share it here: http://smallbusinessindia.intuit.in/contest/contest.php.

  2. Jai Vikram Singh Verma says

    Thanks Alok. That was Insightful.

    Slide 31 ends with "so INVENT the" , did you mean "so INVENT them" or is there something missing in the slide after "the.."

  3. Ankur Gupta says

    Thanks for that….. I surely a very helpful post for startups….

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