Google Launches Umbrella Site to Support Aspiring Entrepreneurs


One of the top needs of budding entrepreneurs is that of a strong ecosystem to nurture them.

Google has kept that in mind for long, and has now launched an umbrella site Google for Entrepreneurs on September 24, 2012.

Google for entrepreneurs

According to their blog post announcing this move, the initiative is meant to bring dozens of worldwide entrepreneurship support programs under one roof.

Google was born on September 4, 1998, with the official aim “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Most of Google’s brilliance in the last 14 years of its existence has centered around its search engine, making the company one of the biggest startup success stories of all time. Now, few people will believe that the internet giant’s global initiatives to bond aspiring entrepreneurs are bearing little fruit.

Google for Entrepreneurs Week

Google is currently conducting its first annual Google for Entrepreneurs Week, led by Googlers in 26 cities spread over 13 countries, including one which took place at Gurgaon, India. The company is going to work with several partners to provide training and mentorship to help motivate youngsters to scale up startup ideas.

Another key mentorship project, the Jagriti Yatra (Awakening Journey), has been met with positive reactions in India. This is a cross-country train journey carried out by hundreds of youngsters selected for showing adequate entrepreneurial promise. Several stopovers are planned to meet key personalities involved in changing India. The fifth edition of this journey is scheduled to begin in late December this year and end in mid-January, 2013.

Stepping Out of One’s Comfort Zone

In an older blog post, I had pondered over the possibility of IT empowering the rural masses in India. One of the key factors that will make the difference in that aspect is the boldness shown by individuals to leave their comfort zones, and any program to motivate budding businesspersons must need to strongly focus on that.

Google clearly has that in mind, going by the fact that its Jagriti Yatra focuses on youth from smaller towns and villages in India. Additionally, their latest move Google for Entrepreneurs is designed to only connect and consolidate existing projects such as the train journey with others that aim to boost similar efforts.

Some skeptics may not be happy with Google trying to spread its wings in yet another area of life and business, but the fact probably remains that the search giant will continue to maintain the immense respect it commands in today’s Information Age.

What do you think about Google’s initiative to help aspiring entrepreneurs?

  1. ShoppingMonk says

    Google Rocks man !

  2. Balaji G S says

    It really is good. Google does maintain their reputation and to be honest they try to help people- let it be websites, entrepreneurs or business.

  3. Kunal Bajaj says

    This is great! Google is also doing a good job at promoting women entrepreneurship. We would be happy if more and more activities happen in India.

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