Samsung’s New Ad campaign- Does it hurt Apple?


Samsung must have taken a leaf out of Micromax while making their new ad campaign. For those who have not seen the ad, in the new ad campaign Samsung has gone complete offensive and shows neck to neck comparison of features between Samsung and Apple. Samsung obviously has far more and advanced features to show..

The better qualities of Apple are missing conveniently but the emphasis is clear. And the ad says in bold…- “It doesn’t take a Genius”, obviously a comment on Apple genius stores.

Here is the ad in question…

samsung Ad vs Apple

There are no two way about it. It is Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 and according to Samsung they win by a wide margin.

The sale of Galaxy S3 is also phenomenal suggesting that people are liking the phone. And this is where the problem lies. People are liking Galaxy S3 a lot but they are in complete love of the iPhone. The newer model is not that different from the earlier version (Yeah, 0.5 inch different to be precise) and still it has already become the most selling mobile in the history of well… mobiles.

Thus the need of this ad…

My feeling though is that despite this ad the effect on people will negligible. We see people saying that they agree with the ad but to be honest they already believed that S3 was better. So if we remove the people who are fans of either group, left are people who would go where the wind is.

Now, the wind has two movements-

1. The recent suit. Of course people believe that Samsung stole. Do not look at people who know tech but I have talked to normal people, businessmen, students and they believe that Samsung was right to lose. Thus, even this ad will not deter them.

2. Second are people who are buying for the first time and they will want to buy the phone which they have been hearing about since 4 years.

S3 might be superior to iPhone 5 but this was not the case till iPhone 4S.

Earlier, each iteration of iPhone came and blasted the competition and this is what people remember.

In fact, I fear that even by making this comparison, Samsung might inadvertently be advertising for Apple. Apple has people hooked by the heart and this might be seen as an attack by Apple apologist in retaliation for the suit.

Maybe this is just my hypothesis but there is one truth-

A confident fool has more sway than a skeptical wise.

So, if the Apple apologist stand to defend their iPhone (and that they are already doing) they will sway the people who are just staring at that poster trying to make their mind.

*Please do not mistake that I am saying that Apple apologists are fools. I just believe that they are more dedicated to their phone than other people thus holding more sway.

  1. palvinder singh says

    samsung has become a great competator for apple & others brands…..
    but i thinks that in apple’s cells there is something that samsung can’t achived……

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