Microsoft to attempt World Record Windows 8 AppFest in Bangalore


Looks like Microsoft really wants to create a buzz among developers with respect to Windows 8.

Microsoft is planning to conduct an App Fest in Bangalore in September, where app developers can participate in it to mix with different engineers of Microsoft, professionals, programmers, trainer and many other experts.

According to the website, Windows 8 AppFest is Microsoft’s attempt to create the world’s largest coding marathon starting on September 21st and continuing for 18 hours, where thousands of programmers and designers are expected to join to get its name into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Microsoft AppFest

This is a great opportunity for application developers, who will be allowed to develop apps with help and assistance from in-house Microsoft people and subsequently submit those apps to Windows store.

According to Microsoft spokesperson, this fest will surely be a unique opportunity for developers to mix with the Microsoft engineers and get their support. He also added that, the company is trying its best to create a basic platform and environment for developers, where app developers can learn and build successful applications on Windows platform.

Another feature of this Fest is, app developers are given a choice of multiple categories from which they can develop an app according to their field of interest. There are 20 categories that include – food, books, productivity, finance, shopping and many others, from which the developer can choose a category to build the app.

This Fest will be held in Bangalore on 21st and 22nd September, 2012. Hope this will be a great news for developers from all across the country. Interested persons can register themselves by filling this form.

One thing is clear – Microsoft does not want to leave any stone unturned to create the right buzz for its Windows 8 platform. In current scenario, Apps are probably the most important ingredient for its success and this AppFest is probably a step forward for that!

  1. Gautham Kumar says

    nic 1…myslf part of d record…"EAT.DRINK.CODE".

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