5 Must have Tablet Accessories [Video Demo]


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If Smartphones were the most talked about device in last couple of years, Tablets have taken over that mantle to become the most sought after device currently. However, unlike smartphones, tablets do need range of accessories that can extend its usability.

In this post we talk about 5 tablet accessories that probably every tablet owner should look at.

Top 5 must have Tablet Accessories


Tablet Sleeve/Pouch (Golla)

A bag or a sleeve is one of the most essentially accessory that a tablet owner must have. A sleeve not only keeps the tablet safe, but also makes sure it is protected from dust and scratches when it is not in use. Many of the tablet users prefer front covers (like the one from iPad), but it has its disadvantages – they cant save the tablet from scratches on the back.

In the video below, we take a look at a trendy and durable iPad sleeve from Golla. [Buy]

Universal Travel Power Adapter (Capdase)

Professionals who travel a lot generally have tablets as their companion everywhere, not only because they are portable, but they can take care of nearly all professional tasks like note taking, checking email, browsing etc.

In the video below we take a look at Capdase Universal Travel Power Adapter, which not only caters to power point configs of different countries, but also comes with surge protection as well as USB charging port. [Buy]

Car Charger / Tablet mount (Capdase)

If you travel in a car very often with your tablet, this accessory is sure to help you a lot. Whether you want to charge your tablet or use it as a navigation device in your car a car charger/ tablet mount accessory will take the pain out of handling your tablet in the vehicle. (We highly discourage using tablet while you are driving…)

In the video below we check out Tablet Car Charger / mount from Capdase, which also comes packed with 2 USB ports and additional Cigarette lighter sockets! [Buy]

Capacitive Screen Stylus (Griffin)

Most tablets are now-a-days capacitive touch screen tablets, which are made-for-finger touch – These screens don’t work well with traditional pointed stylus.

Many tablet users find it difficult to properly carry out commands on Capacitive screen with their fingers, especially the ones who have larger hands. They must look at buying capacitive touch screen stylus.

In the video below we look at Griffin Capacitive touch stylus. [Buy]

Universal Tablet Stand (Griffin Arrowhead)

This tablet accessory is useful when you you want to carry out longer duration tasks on your tablet like watching movies or playing games. It becomes very cumbersome to hold a tablet in your hand for longer time, especially for heavier tablets like iPad. This accessory is also very useful when you want to display something on your tablet for longer durations.

In the video below we look at Griffin Arrowhead Universal Tablet stand. [Buy]

So there you have it – The 5 MUST have tablet accessories. You can also watch all 5 accessories in a single video here.

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