Weekly Wrap-up: DLF IPL sponsorship, Indians’ Internet usage & more…


It’s start of a new week and before we start covering latest and the best, let us take a quick look at all the happenings of previous week. We also want to inform all our trak.in readers that we moved Trak.in to Indian Servers which are faster, better and have much less latency. Visit the site and let us know if you feel improvement in site speeds.

Weekly Wrap up: #GOIBocks, Apple Valuations, Coalgate & more…

Launch of Microsoft’s latest web Mail interface at outlook.com is old news – However, have you given it a try? If not already, you should – Microsoft seems to have got many things right this time!

The app economy is definitely growing – According to a report, Indian Application Development market will exceed USD 227 million by the end of this year alone.

If you are an online professional, do not miss this – A comprehensive look at internet usage by Indians.

This is a great news for HDFC bank customers – They have recently launched a wonderful Android Banking application, that allows you to do everything that you do on netbanking, including money transfers and utility bill payments. Give HDFC Bank mobile app a spin.

With which Apple device can you full Apple experience and still not burn your pockets? Mac Mini?

Instead of relaxing the visa norms, USA has actually gone ahead and made it tougher for professionals to acquire H1B, L1 visas!

DLF has parted ways with Indian Premier League as a main sponsor after 5 years of association, where DLF seems to have gained full advantage of money they spent…

In the latest report, Lenovo has become India’s largest PC brand by Sales. The whole Indian PC market grew by a healthy 17%.

This is a must read by every professional – 6 common mistakes professionals make on their linkedin profile.

Bharti Airtel and Microsoft have joined hands to deliver cloud based Office 365 to its users.

This is an interesting question – Is pursuing MBA degree a risk during economic downturn?

Social Media is taking on unruly proportions. There are a section of users who take advantage of by carrying out scaremongering tactics which spread like wildfire, but mostly are without any truth or substance.

Are Indian’s using Social Media to fullest extent possible – They are probably not except of one or two politicians. Here is a comparison between How Indian Politicians use Social Media as compared to Americans.

Internet is growing in rural areas in India – According to a latest report, rural India has over 4.5 crore users on the internet.

We announced the winners of 2nd week for our 4 week HP Make IT Matter contest and will be releasing 5 questions of 3rd week today, so keep an eye…

So what is the future of e-Books in India? Although, currently they are not all that popular, in future they are definitely expected to grow fiercely in India.

Here are our Top 10 Lists of the week:

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