HP Make IT Matter Contest Winners [Week 2]


Two weeks back, announced a contest in partnership with HP. This 4 week contest has a total of 20 questions to be answered by participants (5 per week). The contest has a bumper prize of HP ProBook 4430s laptop along with HP printers and pen drives. Participants who give maximum correct answers will win the Bumper prize!

In 2nd week, we had even bigger response than what we got in the first week and unlike 1st week, where we had less than 10 who were able to give all correct (5) answers, we had 80 participants who gave all right answers out of over 170 who participated in the 2nd week.


We did a lucky draw to find out our 2nd week winners and here is the list of winners. Make IT matter Contest Winners – Week 2 (chosen by lucky draw)

No. Participant Name Prize
1 Siddharth Vyas HP Ink Advantage 2060
2 S N Jha HP 4 GB Pen Drive
3 Savita (mobile ending 7073) HP 4 GB Pen Drive
4 Prateek Gupta HP 4 GB Pen Drive
5 Mehek Mahtani HP 4 GB Pen Drive
6 Alex Guia Rebello HP 4 GB Pen Drive
7 Vijay Bhasker HP 4 GB Pen Drive

Please keep in mind that this is a 4 week contest, and everyone still has a chance to win the Grand Prize of HP Probook, and HP Printers along with host of other prizes.

And, just to make it clear, at the end of 4th week, the contestants who have got maximum answers right will be the winner. So, participants who have either 4 or 3 answers right still have have a chance to win the Bumper prize. So, keep at it and make sure that you answer the questions for all the 4 weeks….

Congratulations to Siddharth and other winners of second week – All of them will be contacted directly via phone / email IDs. All the prizes will be released at the end of the contest. Also, all those who participated will get an email from us regarding your participation, so keep an eye on your mailbox for our email.

The main Bumper prize (HP Probook 4430s & HP Ink Advantage 5525 eAiO) will be announced in the 4th week! In addition to it, there are prizes to be won every week (like the ones above).

We will be putting up questions for 3rd week on Monday (3rd September), so keep following this space Smile.

For all the new participants who will join henceforth in the contest can still answer all the 20 questions and be eligible for the bumper prizes that we have in store. You will have make sure that you answer the 1st week and 2nd week questions as well!

  1. Vijay Bhasker says

    I’m in the winning list of 2nd week. A 4GB Pen Drive….. will wait for the Laptop then….

    1. Anjali Singh says

      please tell me the answers of week 1 Paleez I will do anything for it

  2. Rohit Aggarwal says

    Congratulations to winners.
    I want to ask that Whether I have to answer in series Like First 1st week then 2nd and after that 3rd or it can be in any way.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      If you want to stand a chance to win the bumper prize of Laptop, you will have to answer questions for all 4 weeks.

  3. Robinsh says

    Congratulations winners, I came to know about this contest from today only so will wait for the 3rd September and try to solve the questions to win the prizes.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Robinsh – You can do that, but if you want to want to have a shot at HP Laptop Bumper prize, you will need to answer Week 1 and week 2 questions as well, otherwise you may not be eligible for the same… (you can win the weekly prizes though!)

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