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Recently at IFA, Berlin Samsung launched Galaxy Note 2. Also, Sony launched its slew of smartphones including its new Flagship phone – Xperia T.

Needless to say, my drool is all over my laptop and I have almost postponed the purchase of my new phone till I get the exact date of the launch of these phones in India.

These phones run a whopping Quad core processor. The processor on my laptop (the one which I am writing on) has dual-core. It’s almost like companies have forgotten that laptops also are used by people.

But, I am not complaining. It’s an amazing thing that mobiles are progressing so fast. My phone was 800 MHz and it cost me Rs. 15K a year back. Now, we can get one at Rs. 10K with 1 GHz.

My issue is something else today…


That is the basic requirement of an OS. Every OS has a basic requirement below or without which it cannot run. On the forefront it is things like screen, processor of some minimum power, input device etc.

Like, for Windows 7, it was 1GHz of Processor and 1 GB RAM. Now, let me tell you something, at this configuration, it works. All the basic work can be done on Windows 7 and it rarely feels that it will die of thirst. This is a mark of a good Operating System (OS). It says it can run on this system and it can run not just itself but all the basic and important softwares as well.

This requirement becomes even more important in the mobile world as they cannot be upgraded on the fly. Even laptops can have an upgrade of RAM which is a great booster for Windows.

Phones do not have this liberty. They are fixed in that regard. Thus, a phone with Quad core processor (a Flagship phone is all good but it is exactly that, the flagship phone).

The OS cannot be measured on that.

I mean if it is running slowly on that, it is definitely doomed but running smooth on a high end device is no big deal. Even a mid-range phone should have no problem running the same OS.

The mark of a good OS is that it runs smoothly on a low end device. When an OS is released it has the minimum requirement and thus if any phone fulfills this should give a smooth experience on this phone. Windows XP and 7, despite all their quirks are great example of this. Mac OS X and iOS are not considerable as they are in house products and Android, which is on its way of Windows in mobile needs to focus on this more.

Companies, in my opinion should focus less on the greatest phone even built and more on the greatest experience you will ever get at this price.

After all, that is where the sales are.

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