10 Android Apps I paid for… And you should too.


Currently there are two App universes in the mobile world, two that are worthy of discussion anyways. One revolves around Apple’s App Store and second has Google play at its centre.

Of the two, Apple’s is obviously bigger in size and according to some in quality as well. Android came to the game a bit later and thus has been growing a little behind Apple in the app game. Now though, the difference is small than it used to be and most applications that are in Apple’s Store are also available in Google Play, be it Angry Birds or Instagram.

Despite sounding almost similar on the surface these two app stores are completely different in philosophy in two ways. One is the control and second is currency. Apple’s control over what is installed in your iPhone is far more let’s say authoritarian than Google’s. At best Google can request you to not install something from untrusted sources and nothing more.

In Apple’s world many apps are paid and generate revenues by direct purchase method. Similar can happen in Google Play as well but in it the majority of apps are free or rather ad-supported. For example, Angry birds on iPhone is $0.99 whereas when launched in Android it was free with ad support. In Google Play universe ad-based revenue is predominant.

Other than that people sometimes are given the option to buy the pro version with some extra features or to remove the ads. Generally, people do not buy apps in Android because there is always some similar free app or the lite version of the same app. Some Apps though are worth the money too much to leave. Today, I would like to discuss 10 Apps that I paid for and you should too.

My Top 10 Android Paid Apps

1. Soundhound


This is an amazing app to have if you happen to be a music lover. How many times it happens that you hear a song and you want to know everything about it, or a tune is stuck in your head but the song is faded in mind. Enter Soundhound and the problem is solved. The beauty of this app is that it recognizes Hindi songs as well.

My only wish is that it integrates Flipkart for its songs in India to buy them as well. There are others as well like Shazam and Sony’s TrackID but I found Soundhound the best in all.

2. Swiftkey


There are plenty of keyboards running around in the market, free and paid. None though, come close to the swiftness, preciseness and adaptability of Swiftkey. If I had to take only one app of these 10, this would be my app. Swype is fun, Samsung keyboard is good too. Sony’s keyboard quite usable but Swiftkey is perfect. It learns the new words and I have found it predictive algorithm best among all.

3. Paper camera


Cameras on phones are getting better day by day and with improving internet on phones the fun is uploading them online instantly. But how many times will a person upload his or her photographs in the same pose. Paper Camera completely changes that.

The filters that are present are awesome to say the least and best of all they can be applied during taking the photos or after wards as well. Means you can upload all your old pictures with a new twist.

4. Swipepad


This is a unique approach to shortcuts and utilizes the fact that we indeed use our fingers on the phone. The shortcuts are hidden normally and when you touch a particular corner of your phone twelve shortcuts appear and are there for you to use. These shortcuts can be contacts or applications. I like the contacts one personally as it gives the option to message or call too. The app itself is free and its add-ons are to be paid for. The add-ons are great (give you more than one shortcut screen etc.) are worth the money.

5. Sketchbook Mobile


If you are an artist this is the app to see. Awesome to use and professional in attitude it is perfect for creating something awesome on the go. I am no artist though, for me it is a fun app that makes beautiful things and gives me the elation of being an artist for some time. Beware though, a bit heavy on resources.

If you have a tablet, the whole experience of this app will become out of this world.

6. Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets

What good is an Android phone if it has no widgets. The default widgets are quite useful and not shabby at all. Beautiful widgets take this to a new level though. There is not much I can write about. Look at it, use it and you will understand how this app reached so many downloads.

7. Galaxy pack

Galaxy Pack

Live wallpapers are a different ball game. Once you have used them the static one become stale and boring. Among them too, the galaxy pack stands majestic. One can get them individually for free and only on getting them together you have to pay. It is not necessary but a nice way to show gratitude.

8. Cut the rope

Cut the rope

Angry Birds might be considered the best game in mobile universe but to me “Cut the rope” holds the charm. It has a cute little Om Nom which gives the feeling of having a pet. The attachment is very high and so is the quality of gameplay.

9. Age of zombies

age of zombies

This is an RPG game which is about killing and lots of it. There is not much of a story line or anything. This game is about having fun. Lots of killing, guns and zombies with a dude who has attitude to spare, need I say more.

10. Great little war game

war game

For the sophisticated ones, this is strategy. This game requires a person to analyse and beat the other team with the arsenal at hand. It can be called an evolution of chess and it does so with suave. The graphics too are great and add to the whole experience. On a tablet, this game is a beauty; on a phone too, no less.

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