Falling Tablet prices take toll of small vendors [2buy.in dead pooled]


Somewhere around May this year, I came across a Pune based startup called 2buy.in.

I found this startup quite interesting – they provided customized tablet configurations to the users. A potential buyer could come to 2buy.in site and choose the configuration they wanted (screen size, CPU, Ram, camera, 3G…etc).

Once the config was chosen, 2buy would give the price depending on the configuration. The buyer could then place the pre-booking order.


I assume that this site started early in 2012, given the popularity of tablets and that everybody wanted to join the tablet bandwagon.

However, given the fast moving tablet space and falling prices, small vendors like 2buy.in could not possibly survive. Actually, 2buy.in died even before it started as they had not even started giving deliveries.

Yesterday night, I received following mail from them:

Last 2 Months were awesome! We got 100’s of Pre-Booking order for "Sketch-Book" Tab that to without any advertising! Visitors showed amazing response towards this concept and pre-booked the tabs with us. However, due to lack to sufficient funding and resources we are closing down this project!
The site will still remain active till 1st week of September and after that "Sketch-Book" will go down.
The feedback from the users/visitors were extremely motivating and we will come back with something equally good and exciting.
We apologies for the inconvenienced caused to all the people who pre-booked "Sketch-Book" with us and showed trust and faith in our product.
Thank you all for your amazing support and motivating feedback.
Sketch-Book Team.

I had been chasing founder of 2buy to have a chat with him precisely for getting these question answered – How will they compete with larger vendors and with this fast changing tablet space, how will they be able to survive…?

I guess, I have got the answer.

This is not the case only with 2buy, but for many small vendors who started thinking they will import Chines

Having said that, I think if one of the larger vendors could provide a customized tablet service, it would really be a hit. Something on the lines of how Dell allows you to customize your laptops…

What do you think?

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