Weekly Wrap-up: Sahara Q Shops, India Mars mission & more…


Today is Eid, and here is wishing all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters a very happy Eid. Today, being a Monday, as is the ritual, lets look at some of the buzzing stories from the previous.

Weekly Wrap up: Mobile Subscriber growth, Cognizant beats Infosys & more…

We do speak about piracy all the time, but do you really think that ending online piracy is the real ultimate solution?

Online Education or E-Learning is on the rise – Yet another online education startup, Mind Edutainment has received funding from Accel Partners to create India’s first of its kind THOTs lab.

Trak.in in partnership with HP has launched an exciting contest where readers stand to win HP Notebook, printers and other prizes worth 1 Lakh. You just need to answer these simple 5 questions.

Although, date for filing your taxes is over, here are some tips that will help you to claim personal expenses as Business expenses.

Here are some very interesting insights on Black Money Circulation in India.

Mobile Apps are increasingly becoming an important decision making aspect while buying a new smart phone. Here is a look at how Mobile App Economy is growing via Infographic.

Sahara has become the newest entrant to foray into offline retail segment in India – They will soon be launching Sahara Q shops across India.

One of the most talked about things among social media enthusiasts and bloggers last week was Silicon India’s copy-pasting an article from a Pune based blogger and then going forward and justifying it on Twitter. They were literally crucified to say the least!

Facebook has recently launched host of new features – Here is a look at 4 brand new Facebook features that you may not be aware of as of now…

On the Independence Day Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh announced India’s mission to Mars which is expected to be launched late next year!

If you are a Facebook developer, you must attend the Facebook Developer World Hack conference happening in Bangalore.

Have you thought how much defense spending India does as compared to other countries? Here is a look at Business of War in India.

London Olympics 2012 have been aptly named as the Social Media Olympics – Never before has the Social Media played such an important role in in the history of Olympic games.

With 3G data rates getting slashed the 3G data traffic grew over 78% in first half of this year as compared to previous year.

Can you imagine a Tablet PC without internet? Honestly, a tablet will loose all its sheen if a tablet device lacks always-on internet!

Although, every one is betting that Google Nexus 7 will be a huge hit in India – Here is a contrarian view as to why it may fail.

I love Indian TV commercials, they are funny and creative. However, there are some which just don’t make any sense.

And finally, here is a look at the Top 10 Technology News and Top 10 business news of last week.

[Note: If you have already not participated in the Trak.in – HP contest, you can do it even now. Simply answer 5 questions to win prizes worth Rs. 1 Lakh.]

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