The New Mobile App Economy [Infographic]


There is no doubt that the Mobile App economy is on the rise. More and more developers are moving towards mobile app development due to increasing popularity and demand for these across the globe.

Currently there are close to 1.3 million apps that have been released by developers on various Mobile Operating system, majority of them (approx. 1.2 million) being on Android and iOS platforms itself. Among these 2 platforms, Android is gaining edge over iOS with three-quarters of all developers currently using Android as their platform of choice for mobile app development.

Although, mobile apps are being downloaded numbering billions, it is still not easy for developers to make serious money out of it. A recent Infographic released by Visionmobile based on findings of Developer Economics 2012 states that 25% of the developers do not generate any revenue from their mobile apps. While 14% of the developers makes about USD 500 to USD 1000 per app per month. 13% generate around USD 1000 to USD 5000 per app per month. Less than 7% of them make more than USD 10,000 per month.

If you compare the costs of developing an app, the revenue generated is still very small – An average app that is developed on iOS platform costs about USD 27,463, while the same on Android is USD 22,637!

Yes, the App Economy is on the rise, but revenue generation associated with it still has to go a long way!

Here is look at the Infographic – The Rise of New App Economy – by Vision Mobile.


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