Weekly Wrap-up: Mobile Subscriber growth, Cognizant beats Infosys & more…


Its Monday morning and time to take a quick look at all the buzzing stories from the previous week. Here is our weekly wrap-up…


The growth in mobile subscriber rate has dropped as compared to previous years. According to TRAI report , only 4.7 mln new mobile subscribers were added in June 2012, taking total tally to 934 million subscribers.

Android ecosystem, although open, is very fragmented with hundreds of devices on it, that too with different Android versions. This makes life very difficult for developers on Android platform.

Are your working from home or have home office? If you do, here are the 9 tips you MUST remember while setting up home office, to make it a successful sojourn.

Generally when the Presidents change, their websites also get a makeover – This time was no different, however, an additional feature has been added on the newly re-designed website, where citizens can directly get in touch with their president.

Here is a look at all the funding deals that happened in India in the previous fortnight.

Now-a-days, very week we see two or three new tablets launched every week in India, but very few of them sport an inbuilt 3G or phone calling facility. Here are the Top 5 tablets which have 3G sim card facility.

For the first time, Cognizant has gone past Infosys based on the revenues announced in this quarter. Couple of years back this would have been unthinkable, but Cognizant has grown much faster than its peers and currently occupies the 2nd spot behind TCS.

The call center Industry in India is going through tough times right now. It may get even more tough in future.

If you are in the market to buy an Android phone, you must read about these 5 important aspects which are not generally spoken or looked at.

Smartphones and Tablets are making a huge positive impact in education sector worldwide – Here is an infographic depicting the same.

Unlike most developed nations, Indians seem to have skipped the wireline services and directly moved to wireless airwaves.

Bharti Airtel has not become the 3rd largest telecom company in the world in terms of subscribers. They have crossed a landmark 200 million subscriber mark last week.

We spoke to founders of TastyKhana, a local Pune based food ordering portal. Here is a video interview.

According to a recent report India has fallen 1 place to 5th globally in terms of investment attractiveness in retail sector.

Its been a few months since BSE and NSE have launched SME stock exchanges – Are they really a viable option for startups to raise funds?

Samsung Galaxy s3 is one of the most successful smartphone of all times – Here are 3 S’s behind success of smartphone of year 2012.

Here is one revelation that has elevated Google’s status even further in employee’s minds – They offer death benefits to spouse amounting to 50% salary of surviving spouse for 10 years.

Yes, Tablets and Smartphone technology has witnessed a big revolution, however, our batteries are still using the same old technology used 20 years back. They are probably the biggest bottleneck for even bigger mobile revolution.

And finally here is a look at last week’s Top 10 Tech news and Top 10 Indian Business news of the week

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