The Android Revolution and What it Heralds for Developers and Consumers


With a year-on-year growth that crosses 250% and over a million daily device activations, the Android revolution is sweeping across the globe at an astonishing pace. What does this have in store for ordinary consumers and developers?

The undisputed benefit of the Android operating system is its openness and interoperability, which allows developers the freedom to sell or distribute apps at will.

This is in complete contrast with Apple’s strategy of tight control, and an Android developer friend I spoke to says he is highly impressed by this single factor. The developer also mentioned the huge potential he possesses to reach the rapidly expanding Indian market, and has Android as a top priority to implement one of his marquee projects.

His words echo the thoughts of developers who are keenly interested in reaching out to a massive and diverse base of smartphone users, even if this does not immediately help match the direct revenue that can be earned from Apple’s better organized and lucrative marketplace.

Android’s mind-boggling diversity is evident from one of their developer pages that details the level of opportunity knocking at developers’ doorsteps. The information is based on data collected during late July, and is aimed at helping developers specifically target their work for consumers.

Key Highlights of Android Developer Ecosystem

– Over 60 per cent of Android devices that accessed Google play during the data collection period used the Gingerbread version.

Android platform version

– Android API’s are forward compatible, which means if you develop for an older version, you can target a higher number of users.

– Most devices have the normal screen size and the hdpi screen density.


4.Over 90 per cent of devices support both the 2.0 and 1.1 versions of OpenGL.

The widespread reach does not come without drawbacks. The openness of the platform has allowed malicious developers to target unsuspecting users with malware, and the quality of apps on offer in the various marketplaces is often a subject of debate.

It is no surprise that a friend of mine, an avid supporter of Apple’s policies once asked, “Don’t webmasters control what gets published on their sites?”

What are your thoughts about the Android revolution? Are you an Android developer? We’d like to hear from you!

  1. Himanshu Khona says

    The real issue is the QA to be done for android and here are the issues you face –
    1) You have to develop for multiple resolution
    2) Your apps build on higher version will not run on older version.
    3) The hardware APIs of video and camera are not compatible with all handsets.
    4) The memory utilization of image based APIs is very high and currently it is inefficient at OS level itself.

  2. Facility management software says

    I think android has revolutionized the whole mobile market. The market share android is enjoying is really very difficult to achieve. And as we all can see, there is no any competition for android in recent days. i-phone is giving a bit of competition but that is not a worry for android.

  3. [email protected] says


    This is technology like that which will give total benefits to user because technology is touching new heights on everyday which is totally prove good for user and company both. I am sure many new versions will come soon in market.

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