New Realtime Infographic Promises Improved Brand Performance Awareness


An upcoming social media listening and analytics company based in New Delhi has launched what it has named ‘Barometer’, a realtime infographic aimed to highlighting the performance of leading brands in India.

The company, Memetic Labs, claims to analyse information gleaned from twitter, by observing conversations between users and brands as they happen. Their detailed infographic has been developed by nth loop, a small web and mobile application development firm based in Mumbai. Powered by data intensive javascript libraries, the project is built using Memetic Labs’ “sentiment and analytics engine.”

Airtel’s Sentiment Visualization through Barometer


Customer Service – The Heart of Every Brand’s Social Strategy

We believe that customer service is the foundation of every brand’s social strategy with the intent of long-term relationships with each customer interaction”, says Saurabh Arora, co-founder of Memetic Labs. Mr. Arora claims the infographic’s text mining and natural language processing engine is crafted to “detect the signals from noise at a very high accuracy”, automatically creating service resolution tickets for the brand.

We are now moving to a point where social media is changing how brands operate, looking for ways to capture real-time data and business intelligence that can be applied across all departments of a business”, states Mr. Arora. Prabhat Saraswat, another co-founder of the company, is emphatic in pointing out that a brand’s activity on social media is their ability to listen, and that social media is becoming increasingly central to brand-consumer interaction.

Much of the visual is self explanatory and is backed by vast data to present a health check-up for top brands, given the fact that there an estimated 15 million users in India at present, with a significant percentage of them engaging with preferred brands using this medium.

Key Components of Barometer

These are the key components implemented by the realtime brand data assessment offering’s algorithm:

  • Buzz(True reach of a sentiment) – This is an indicator of the number of people who have been influenced by the sentiments about a brand in the past day, in either a positive or negative manner.
  • Average time to get a response – This is the average time a brand takes to respond to a user’s concern, calculated by tracking conversations and considering the brand’s working hours.
  • Requests & responses this week (mention & replies) – The charts plots the behavior of users tweeting to or about the brand and the behavior of the brand’s responses over the last 7 days, providing an assessment of how brands react based on the amount of tweets they receive.
  • Tweets to solve a problem (conversation length) – This is the average number of tweets sent by the customer in order to get their query resolved and an indication of a brand’s promptness in response.
  • Immediate Resolution – A key indicator, this occurs when the customer’s inquiry or problem is resolved within a single tweet.
  • Live sentiment Index – A real-time visualization of the tweets about and to the brand, this is filtered by sentiment from the last 24 hours.

Readers can check out Barometer’s lively infographic for Vodafone as an example. If successful, this offering will be an excellent example of a means to harness the power of social media to help brands build lasting relationships with huge customer bases.

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  2. [email protected] says


    From my opinion it will prove good option for those who wants to collect something new features in advance life and why not it should be this is new formula to attract people because in today’s era people wants to see changes for their social media network they feel happy to share and gain more experience about new technologies.

    1. Naweed says

      Absolutely, Sam, this formula does look promising in improving brand-customer interaction.

      I believe a contemporary and reliable after-sales strategy is what will give brands the edge they’re looking for.

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