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From being a portal offering price comparisons and daily deals, has launched Askthepandit, possibly India’s first premium ‘personalized price discovery service’. For a small price, users can ask domain experts at AskThePandit to scout the best deals in their city for a variety of products including mobile phones, home appliances, computer, TV, hotels and air tickets.

Ask the Pandit

The fee charged by AskThePandit depends on the type of product users are looking to buy. Currently its services have been branched out into 3 different types of pricing plans: Mobiles; Computers, Home Appliances & TV bundled into another, while Hotel Reservations & Air Tickets comprise the third pricing plan.

AskThePandit charges Rs. 11 to look for the best possible deals on mobiles, Rs. 21 for computers, home & TV, and Rs. 31 for hotel tickets and reservations. It can take up to 24 hours for the service to deliver these personalized results and the portal also offers a ‘100% No questions asked’ money back guarantee if users are able to find a better deal elsewhere.

Payment to AskThePandit can be made via the usual array of electronic transfers including netbanking, credit cards or supporting debit cards.

Currently, the service is only available in 10 cities including Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkota, Bangalore and Chennai.

So what is the benefit of using AskThePandit? From a consumer point of view, the biggest benefit of using such a service is saving on time, effort and energy on looking for deals online or from the marketplace. It promises to remove the concept of ‘Bhaiya thoda aur discount de do‘ type bargaining as experts will do it for the paying customer.

The parent website was launched in 2011 and offers free daily deals and price comparison services on a host of product categories including mobiles, computers, watches, books, movies, home & TV, etc. They are not an e-tailer and simply direct users to the best possible deals on the internet depending on the product and location.

A decent mobile could cost in upwards of Rs. 10,000, a laptop could easily go beyond Rs. 25,000, while air tickets and hotel reservations can be in the thousands of rupees too. There is little arguing that the fee charged by the price discovery portal is small when you look at price of the products.

We like the idea of a premium price discovery portal. It seems to be an innovative and progressive step forward in the online Indian marketplace which has been suddenly flooded with big and small players.

No longer is the online Indian consumer a myth and established players like and others are thriving.

But the acid test for AskThePandit is whether they can pacify the deal hungry netizen and offer substantial discounts to keep them hooked. Because at the end of the day, the real question still remains, “How much money can you really save?”

  1. Nimesh Bhandari says

    Can it get the discounts negotiated from my nearby e-retailer..:)

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