Online Advertising Comparative Analysis on Desktop, Tablets & Smartphones


I was going through analytics and thought it would be interesting to share some insights, that would probably be interesting to other Indian publishers as well as media agencies.

We are experiencing increasing diversity in devices that are accessing In last 2 years, we have seen percentage of people using mobile device increase from about 3% to about 20%. That means, every 1 in 5 visitors come to from their mobile devices.

Interestingly, among visitors from mobile devices, Apple devices like iPad and iPhone have the maximum share. I thought Android devices would higher, however that is not the case.

Here is the distribution of mobile devices based on visits.

Mobile Device Distribution of Visitors

device Access

Its unfortunate that many devices (45%) are not recognized by Google Analytics, however, about 1 in 5 of every mobile device visiting is either an iPhone or iPad.

Among the Top 10 devices, 3 are from Apple, while 4 are Samsung devices. Nokia accounts for only 2.35% of all mobile devices.

Online Advertising Comparison on various devices

We use Direct Advertising as well Google Adsense to monetize What we are seeing is, visits from tablets yield much better advertising revenue as compared to Smartphones. This is inline with a recently released Opera survey which suggests that better and bigger screen mobile devices have better engagement rates, and hence offer better revenues to Publishers.

If you see the graph below Tablets offer nearly double the revenues as compared to smartphones. Infact, Tablet visitors make more revenues for web publishers as compared to Desktop visitors.

Revenue per 1000 impressions

However, Desktop still offers better Click Through Rates as compared to tablets & smartphones.

Click Through Rates

The above findings are based on over 3 million pageviews on over past 3 months. I would love to know what trends other Indian web publishers are experiencing when it comes to visitors from mobile devices.

  1. Anonymous says

    Great post! Still, I am curious how did you divide the smartphones from tablets. Analytics currently does not offer that differentiation.

  2. Rashmi Shah says

    a complete analysis…good.

  3. Bella Adward says

    Thanks for sharing this post.

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