Google Search’s Maths Calculator is just Awesome!


Just Wow! Google search sometimes really surprises you with some awesome stuff.

Google Search’s newest feature, a maths calculator, is so awesome that you will be floored by its flexibility and utility. A user just needs to type in any calculation straight into the Google search box and bingo… it will give you all the mathematic sums.

And the Google calculator it does not stop at simple calculations, it also has scientific functions built into it – which means, scientist will not have to look for scientific calculator to do complex calculations. Google Search box will be everything they may need for doing their calculations.

Here is a simple yet a long maths sum that I gave put in Google Search

Google Maths

The flexibility that Google’s calculator offers to users is just awesome. You can put your mathematical query in numbers or simple English language. If you see the query which I have used above, you will see that I have user a hybrid query which includes numbers as well as words. Google Calculator comprehends everything and represents it in numerical equation and offers exact answer!

Really excellent I must say!

Give Google Calculator a try and let us know what you think about it!

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