Indians lead in Social Online Shopping [Capgemini]


Online shops are choc a bloc with frenzied, time-saver, smart Indian shoppers, who are trying to make the most of various offers and discounts, say the latest report – “Digital Shopper Relevancy” by Capgemini.

Even though E-Commerce is at a nascent stage, people in countries like India and China prefer to buy stuff online rather than visiting retail stores. The ability to shop at the convenience of their home seems to be big reason many people will buy online. The study says that 72% of respondents from India and 69% from China say that they purchase more products in a single transaction online than in a physical store, compared to just 31% from the US.

The report also finds that more than two thirds of the shoppers in the developing countries like Indian, Brazil, China and Turkey said that they are interested in finding out about the new products through Social Media and blogs.

The findings of these report are formed based on responses from 16,000 digital shoppers across 16 developing and mature markets.

The study points out that shoppers are not loyal to one channel and there is significant change in their shopping behavior due to advent of digital channels. The study has analyzed shoppers’ behavior based on factors such as age, gender, product category, journey phase, market maturity, and attitudes and expectations about technology etc.

Capgemini’s research categorizes the shoppers in six distinct segments that are social digital shoppers, digital shopaholics, occasional online shoppers, rational online shoppers, value seekers, and techno-shy shoppers.

Digital Shoppers India

Do you know in which category you falls in? I know, I am a ‘Value seeker’ :)

Digital Shopper Relevancy Report by Capgemini

What is the future of retail?

With ecommerce getting matured in India, online shopping has increased considerably. Also, Mobile and tablet shopping apps have given shoppers new and easy ways to get the best deal on products for their money.

So what is the future of offline retail stores like Big Bazar, Reliance Mart, Food bazar etc.? The Capgemini report states that by 2020, physical stores around the world will become merely ‘showrooms’, while most of the transactions will happen online

VC’s in India pouring in big money on these ecommerce sites is not without a reason!

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    Totally agree with this because today India is one of the country who use online shopping in a huge way.There are so many sites and stores who offers the best online services.

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