Social media relationships – The real & the rear!


Social media has in a great way helped freeze every eventful or less eventful moment in a person’s life. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds and has brought social media an important component of daily life.

Millions of users share information that includes the regular things they do, the food they eat, the places they go to, the people they hangout with, the stuff that they bought, weddings, childbirth, death of a dear one, support for elections, marketing their business, simply boost their ego by blowing their own trumpet etc.


On one side, it gives space for everyone to talk and vent out all their feelings about the real-world. But, it also is beginning to show its dangerous side by leading to issues in professional, personal and even social life.

Case 1: Career-front issues

When people get into the habit of sharing every mood and incident that causes it through social media, more often than not, it is either directly / indirectly about work. It could be just an expression of stress at work or colorful words of exasperation caused by bad bosses. As it is accessible to all despite the privacy settings/options etc. there is every chance of getting into trouble.

One might say things like ‘How uncool of a boss to take one to task just because he wrote nasty things about him on a Facebook comment?’, but again, more often than not, bosses are uncool.

By using it as a dumping ground for all reasons for frustration, the chances of one digging his own grave are much higher.

Lesson 1: Social media is like salt. You need to use it just right and sparingly.

Lesson 2: Know what you say(always). Say what you know(not always).

Case 2: Personal issues

On one hand, it helps in strengthening relationships by helping people keep touch regularly, on the other hand it could prove detrimental to relationships. Offending remarks out of liberty in a space where the entire World is watching closely could spoil relationships. It would be like broadcasting family fights on a big screen to the entire World. It is always better to restrict personal grudges to offline channels than hosting them over the Internet.

So, the next time you post a comment on someone’s photo, do think twice before saying anything which could be interpreted in more than one way.

Lesson 3: Build networks(always). Shrink them not!

Lesson 4: For people that dip their fingers in acid before typing, please be prepared to take it all back!

Case 3: Social behavior

Social media has evolved as a means to connect to people from past to present. It is only natural that people change with time and to see these changes have become really easy with this media.

But, the flip side is, when the wrong people see the wrong side, it could have negative effects. When a school Principal shares a casual joke with her college friend on Facebook, anyone on either’s lists will have access to it and this would change the mental image about the person posting the comment. It could drastically change people’s perception of one’s personality. The danger is when the perceived differs a lot from the person.

Although Google Plus and circles have tried to solve this problem reasonably well, the majority are still ignorant.

In some cases, especially in the west, social media has led to divorces and abductions too.

It becomes a responsibility for celebrities to watch their words on social media as it could backfire easily.

Lesson 5: Say things that add K-value(knowledge) and not G-value(geographical).

Lesson 6: Share responsibly.

The only way is to share information that really doesn’t reveal more than what it has to. Adding frills like geographical coordinates and location information has a big chance of opening the gates of trouble with a red carpet.

Bottom-line is, you have to be very thoughtful before you post anything social media – Never be in position that you will repent for later!

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